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Hello, I am new hear although a few of us were at the other site and are following our Betty and Bill.. :D

my name is Lisa and I was dx 3-07 at 48 with NSSC it was 1B early 2a.

I had a cough for along time doctors kept giving me antibiotics and cough meds and finally went to a doctor center on a weekend and took a chest xray.

the doctor said I had phnemonia and go back to my doctor like in 45 days .. well I went back to my doctor in a few weeks and he ordered finally a ct scan where they say an upper left lung colapase..

so the ball began rolling..

went to the pulmonary doctor did a broncocopy found the cancer.. Uggggggggggg.. sent me to the surgeon who sent me to the oncologist.. started chemo 1st before surgery..

I had cysplatin and taxoteer.. every 3 weeks for 8 sessions.. went back to get a ct scan and the tumor was gone and the lung had reinflated.. only to be completly removed..


7-07 had left lung removeded and thankfully everything went well .. in hospital for only 5 days and wanted to go home.. so I got to.. and have been thankful to the good lord ever since.. still looking for survivors out there with similar stories, and for newbees who need our help..

In Nov 07 CT/PET/

It showed a .05 nodgule and had a pet scan but did not lite up. were going to watch it.. in

FEB 08 CT SCAN everything was fine and stable.. they said it had been there for a year now ?? and hadn't changed ..

Oncologist says next ct scan in 6 mo? and blood work in 3 months .

going for a chest xray next week for my surgeon...

Well I just wanted to share my info and say Hi to Barb too..


hope to meet some others like myself..

God Bless everyone who has been Dx with this LC..

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Happy you are joing us, Lisa. And happy to hear you are doing well. My story is a little different, but we do share one thing. 3 years after surgery I had a 'spot' show up in the PET this past January. Too small to check out then, so I will have it looked at again the first full week of April. Reading about YOU today has lifted my feeling of dread a bit.

You have lots to offer in terms of support for all of us ~ especially the newcomers. I am so glad to get to 'know' you.


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