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Mixed Emotions...

P.S. I Love You

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…about posting good news.

Bev is now 3 years out of treatment.

Her CT and PET scans have come back clean again.

I feel so, so lucky. But I know luck only played a small part in her survival.

Bev’s gentle, loving nature hides a reserve of grit and determination.

She gave it her all and did what ever had to be done.

When I think of all that she unhesitatingly went through, it gives me a chill.

Well, I’m waxing poetic now. I better quit before I sprain my index finger.

While she’s still a proud member of this Survivor group,

she leaves it to me to keep in touch with you all (Sorry, Kasey!).

I think she wants to distance herself from cancer as much as she can.

I don’t blame her one bit.

I read all of your stories. I believe anyone who has made it this far

to come on this board and share is a very strong person.

We are all stronger because of it.

I hope Bev's success will impart some hope to all of you

in this battle.

We’re off the rollercoaster now and trying to find our way to the exit.

I think it’s near.

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Thanks, Kim. I look for your posts and think of Bev often. I do recall we discussed 'hair' issues at one point and I believe we both got a smile out of it. So I DO miss her being around. I do understand it though.

Please pass along my continued best wishes to Bev and let her know that, in spite of her absence, I consider her a friend.....one of the first I came to know when I joined LCSC. May she have continued good reports forever.............and may that forever be a long, long time. Bless you both.


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That is amazing news! I don't blame Bev one bit for wanting to life her life and move beyond the cancer. But if you don't mind, this story is one people on this board need to hear, so if you will continue to share Bev's story it will do a lot of good for a lot of people.

Thank you,


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Kim thank you for updating about your Bev. She certainly is a very lucky woman and I can understand her need to just move on.

Please tell her how happy we are for her. We are always here whenever she just wants to come and let us know how she is doing or to just say "hi".

Good luck to your Bev and to you Kim. She surely is an inspiration to all of us on here and especially to our newbies.

Take care be well,

Maryanne :wink:

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It is uplifting to hear that she is ruining the cancers life and not letting the cancer ruin her life. SO just check in when you need some uplifting support or want to share some great news!We do understand and applaud you wonderful folks!!

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