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Tribute to Heather


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I know there are many on the board that did not know Heather (Hebbie).

I found these sites that show her activism for this disease. She was such a fighter!!!

She was amazing!!!


http://www.glamour.com/health/articles/ ... ancerenemy

http://www.pbs.org/secondopinion/episod ... index.html


http://www.rd.com/lung-cancer-in-a-nons ... 27536.html

http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?news ... 4219&rfi=6


She was a real go getter!! She will be greatly missed!!


God Bless Her Family during this time!

Jamie :cry:

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Thank you for posting these Jamie-

I can say that "Hebbie", Heather Saler, was our first advocate here at LCSC (She was Heather Rudnick then, I still have her listed that way on my rolodex) :cry:

She was so full of determination to get the word out and raise awareness. It was so important to her.

Heather was also our (LCSC's) first introduction to LUNGevity Foundation so many years ago. Because of our trust in her, we encouraged our members to donate to LUNGevity Foundation, no questions asked. Heather was a survivor and a fighter, and LUNGevity funded lung cancer research- you couldn't ask for more than that.

In 2006, when LUNGevity and LCSC got together officially- it was a perfect fit- Lung cancer support + lung cancer research. In a roundabout way, Heather was one of the folks that put that wheel in motion between our two organizations.

She will be sorely missed. She was taken from this world way too soon. In her short time on this earth, she made such a difference- seem to want to make every day count and always willing to speak out and speak up. She was a hero to many of us.

My prayers for her son, husband and family.

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Hebbie & I exchanged e-mails frequently over the last 4 years. She was such an encouragement to me. She was so strong, and had a wonderful heart. I want everyone here to know that Hebbies faith in God was very strong and I know with certainty that she is in heaven now.

Please Pray for Brad and Tyler.

God Bless.

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