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i think my cancer is back

lori sherley

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Hi my name is Lori i had a bi-lobectomy on 7-10-07 my DR. said he got enough good tisue that i didn"t need chemo or radiation, he said i didn"t even need a cat scan in 6 months, said this kind of cancer never comes back. Every thing went smoothly (surgery-recovery)except a little back pain that i thought was just recovering it's only been 10 Mo. Then on Sunday i coughed & it felt like i broke a rib. i went ot the emergency room & they did an exray a cat csan & some blood work & refered me back to my oncologyst. My xray showed i"m missing part of my rib bone my cat scan showed a mass associated with rib destruction in the posteroir right thorax suggestive of metastic disease to the rib also small enhancing lesions seen in the liver too small to characterize. I am really scared it dosn"t sound good not to mention the fact that i am in a lot of pain. I have an Appt with my oncologst next week but that sounds a looooong time to wait. Has anybody else experienced this the cancer coming back to that extent in only 10 Mo??? i was staged as a 1-A in July when i had my surgery. Thanks, any response will help. Lori

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Hi Lori,

I'm sorry to hear that your cancer may have returned. I'm wondering who told you that you didn't need chemo. My surgeon told me that in June 2003 after removing the upper lobe of my right lung. My pulmonologist said I could have chemo if I wanted, but that it wasn't really necessary. (Not that I needed his permission anyway.) I saw an oncologist and he recommended chemo. Said the evidence was just beginning to look as tho. chemo would be appropriate in my situation (IB). I had Carbo and Taxol. Completed chemo in Nov. Had CT scans every 3 mo. and the following Nov (4th), there was something in the upper lobe of the left lung. Had a PET scan and that was the only spot that lit up. Went back to the surgeon (a very pompous, know-it-all). He was also considered one of the top 2 or 3 thoracic surgeons in the DC area. Had that lobe removed and 3 wks later moved to FL. Chemo again (Cisplatin and Gemzar). All my CT and PET scans since have been good. So, yes it can return and probably quicker not having had chemo - but then, who knows.

Let us know what your oncologist has to say.


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I agree with snowflake--get copies of all your scans and go get another oncologist.

cancer is a tricky disease as we all know. After my first breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, I was told I had a 94% cure rate. 4 years laster I was back in her office with a NEW primary in the same breast. Asked her why and she told me 7-10% of the time a new cancer would show.

That's when I stopped listening to statistics and just dealt with what was. I also became VERY discriminating with doctors. If I felt they did not have my personal best interests in mind I was out of there.

You don't state where you are from. A lot of people here know some very good cancer centers.


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Hi Lori

I agree with snowflake...I would run for the nearest door and fine a new oncoligist....We all WISH a doctor could tell us 'this kind can never return" that's bull and we all know it...

good luck honey and put your boxing gloves back on...


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Dear Lori,

I am sorry to learn that the cancer may have returned, but also agree with those who recommend that a second opinion may be an excellent idea. It is always best to re-evaluate.

There was a founder of another cancer board, a brave and inspirational gentleman, who was diagnosed originally as Stage IA, and within months was rediagnosed Stage IV. He was very successful for five years with chemo, and that was back prior to the newer drugs they now have, and more in the pipeline.

Lung cancer is particularly tricky. There are no absolutes. We certainly wish this journey were easier, but there is hope.

However, if this should be a recurrence, all the advice from the medical opinions should be weighed, and a plan put forth to attack it vigorously.

Keeping hope alive, I send my best wishes for a good resolution to this for you.


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