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The saga continues.. update in thread..


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more set backs. The bronchoscopy that had been scheduled for today to do the biopsies has been postponed due to an "emergency". I have to tell you, I am so unimpressed with the VA system!!! Jerry is so SOB that simply walking across a room is nearly impossible, there is a blockage in the airway that is creating this situation and is most likely a tumor, but they had an EMERGENCY on Friday of LAST week that caused them to postpone this procedure scheduled for today?? ugh arghhhhhhhhh

Now we are waiting to find out when the procedure will be done. It is supposed to be later this week. In the meantime one of the doctors has finally given him megace to try and stimulate his appetite and hopefully get some food into him and get his weight going up instead of down.

Not a very positive update. I am really scared and Mom is doing her best to keep it together but the stress and the fear is taking such a toll on her. This just sucks...

Please, keep us in your prayers.....

Hugs and love to you all


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(((Chris))) ... I am so very sorry that you and your mom are going through such a horrible time trying to get Jerry treated.

I hope the Megace will stir up his appetite though so he can garner some strength.

I will be praying that the test will be done sooner rather than later so a treatment plan can be set in motion.


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This really sucks!! How can they postpone it due to an emergency last week?? Doesn't make much sense to me.

Is someone calling frequently to see about the new appointment - you know the squeaky wheel gets the oil!!!

In the meantime, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope the Megace helps Jerry to regain some strength and weight.

Hugs - Patti B

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Hi Christine. I agree with you that this sucks. The waiting is just horrible. I hope he gets his bronch soon. I didn't have too long for my bronch and had been admitted to hospital. But I kept getting bumped for the thorascopy as emergencies took precedence. I know it doesn't help, but I don't think a day or two at this point will make a huge difference in the grander scheme of things. But it is just so hard on everyone. Hang in there


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Thank you all so much for the replies. I went down to see Mom today and drop off some of the left overs from the graduation party yesterday. Jerry was sleeping as he had a horrible day yesterday just sitting in a chair and trying to breathe.

Today Mom said he was complaining about his back being in pain. I asked her to please phone the VA hospital and tell them that we really NEED to get this man some relief NOW. Mom was going to phone them and I did tell her that she needs to continue to call over there and badger the hell out of them until they get the hint that we are NOT going to just go away. This man is dying in front of our eyes and there is literally NOTHING we can do to help him and the wonderful VA hospital, the place that is supposed to take care of those men and women who risked their very lives for this country just turns their backs on them?? I am so sickened by this whole system. I pray to God my son is never called into active duty, and heaven forbid he is, that he NEVER needs the help of the VA.

Sorry about the ranting. I am exhausted, I am sick to my stomach seeing my Mom so torn up and distraught, I am heartbroken seeing what was once a vibrant, active, and healthy man reduced to needing someone to help him walk across a room, he needs help to simply bathe, he cannot even be left alone for any length of time right now as he just needs someone to help with the simplest of things. It is so damned hard!!

Thanks for listening and thanks for understanding...



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