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An update to my spine met treatments


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Wouldn't you know it I walk away from the triple OT hockey game for 2 minutes and it ends! That darn Pittsburgh!!

Anyhow, an update to my spine mets treatment. There has been too many spine met stories on this board lately but hopefully by sharing our experiences and treatment plans we are helping other. Mine is the NED to spine mets in less than 2 months story. I like others here am highly suspicious that met was lurking in my body all along. I then somehow annoyed it (very badly apparently) and it flared up. It just doesn't seem possible that you could go from NED to a 3.6 cm met in 2 months time. And I know my med onc was surprised as well. We were all just convinced I had pulled it skiing or exercising or something. So please if you anyone here does start to experience spine pain...please go and get it checked out at your clinic right away.

I have now had 2 big blasts of radiation (7000 cGY's each, for a total of 14,000 cGY's). I was and continue to be in a fair bit of pain. And the radiation definitely increased that pain so hopefully that means something worked. I was physically ill last week, either from pain meds or because they were radiating close to the bowel and irritated that as well. Probably a bit of both. I am just now starting to feel a bit better and am told that perhaps my pain should be more manageable in a week or so. I have been referred to a pain doctor at our clinic but am hopeful I will be able to cancel that appointment. For quite some time now standing has been the only comfortable position for me. I am hopeful to get back to doing some normal activities, including back to exercising.

I will be starting chemo (Alitma) next week. So the radiation is all over now except for the hoping and praying for good results. I am not sure when we will do a scan to see how effective it was but I will post those results (if I am brave enough) when I know them. In the meantime I ask for your positive thoughts and prayers.



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Hi Sandra - yes my friend, those mets seem pretty suspicious on both you and Steve (StrahDawg). I find it hard to believe they just popped up that quickly.

I am so sorry that you had such a rough go of it with the radiation and that the pain hasn't decreased yet! I will be crossing my fingers and my toes that you can cancel that upcoming appt with the pain specialist because you are feeling so much better.

Hope the party went well and you managed ok.

You always have my thoughts and prayers Sandra. I wish I lived closer so I could help more. Take care sweetie.


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Sandra glad to hear your done with radiation and if I'm understanding correctly you went twice but with 2 huge blasts, amazing how different our treatment plans are. Hopefully now the alimta will finish off the rest. Did they say how often you will have to go for the alimta treatment? Also just like your skiing accident and my working out/slipping with the box injury my Doc said it is highly possible that these are cells that were there all along and that the injury could of woken or provoked them and got them active, weird Huh! He also said that's a good thing because normally they respond well to what ever the first line treatment was. Well keep us posted and best of luck and prayers for a successful treatment. Keep that game face on and continue kicking butt, play dirty if you have to nothing wrong with an occasional slash, high stick and butt end under the pad's in the corner while the ref's not looking Ha Ha had to throw some hockey slang in there for ya!

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Pittsburgh???? Don't mention them to a Browns Fan!!!! :lol::lol::lol: Can't believe Steve let that one go!!!

You know I am hoping and praying that those two honking blasts took out those mets big time!!! And I do hope you are feeling better soon. Can't stand the thought that my crazy cancer sister is not feeling well!!

Sending you lots of positive vibes that the Alimta will work its magic on you. It has kept me stable for quite a while now, as you know!!

Lots of hugs - Patti B.

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Yes, Steve, 2 big blasts. And the treatment plans can be quite different between the US and Can. I of course get most of my info from this site, and I get worried when mine is not similar. But my med onc is very patient with me when I explain treatments I have read about in the US and why is she not suggesting that. We I think are in a bit more rigid of a system, and do follow more closely what is done in Australia, Germany and a few other countries. There are many similarities as well though.

On the radiation front though, I was worried that 2 treatments was not enough, especially when I read others here who have had many more. So thank you for tellling me how many greys you are getting. My med onc told me that 2 big blasts is just as effective, as say 10 smaller blasts. More painful to the patient I can tell you for sure. But then it is over and you don't have to go back. And in my case, we want to move on to chemo and it was important to get radiation over before chemo starts. So I think either approach will work just fine. And I am getting more greys, I am guessing because my met is more sizeable than yours.

Thanks also for info, that spine mets will also probably respond well if receiving similar to first line treatment. I hadn't heard that and that gives me some more hope as well. My lungs responded very favorably to radiation. I am told though that radiating the spine is a bit trickier than the lung. And in my case is close to bowel, so can cause some other issues.

I also need to set the record straight. I didn't have a skiing accident! Nothing of the sort. I actually skiid last year, with lc and sob and just didn't know it. That was an absolute fiasco...anything that could go wrong did for me last year. But this year, I was swooshing with the best of them, and didn't fall once, I just figured all my cool turns twisted my back a bit!

ps. Patti should read posts more carefully before she assumes what side people are rooting for. Go wings, git er' done already I agree. Love the pittpuker name, had never heard that before! My neighbour's brother is gm for detroit and they just got home from the 5th game..I am sure they are very disappointed they didn't win the cup when they were there.

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I hope the pain goes away soon Sandra and that you can get back to exercising. I had some lower back and hip pain which I attribute to heavy lifting. It hurt for a few days but is mostly gone now. I think it it were mets it would keep on hurting. I put off my walking for a few days until it got better. I can go on a walk today.

Don M

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