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Summer break ...


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Just putting in for a pass for awhile.

Things have been very unstable with my sister-in-law who has Stage IV lung ca (diagnosed in May, 2008) My mother-in-law was diagnosed with advanced lymphoma in April; however, she is doing really well with treatment and feeling good-much to be thankful for. With all the health issues/concerns I don't feel that I have enough in me right now to help others - I know it is selfish, but I just need to back away for a bit.

I am definitely not saying good-bye. I will be back and will check in from time to time during the summer. Thanks for your understanding and know that I carry all of you in my heart each and every day. I have made some very good friends here and I have no intention of leaving - if anyone needs an ear just PM me and I will definitely be there.

Also, Ry, I was just wondering how Jackie is as I haven't seen or heard of anything on her for quite sometime - just been a little concerned and hope she is o.k.

Take care everyone,



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Linda- I hope you get everyone taken care of so you can check back in with us eventually. I was also wondering about Jackie-- she checked in briefly after the site changed and I have not heard anything else. Maybe Katie knows and can fill us in.


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Linda, I'm gonna miss you around here, but I certainly understand. I haven't been around much lately, either, and I am only supporting one person! You are not being selfish in the least bit. We will be here when you are ready to come back. I've been lurking more than posting, lately. Maybe that will work for you, too. I need my LCSC fix, even if I don't have the strength to post.

Love you, lady. Take good care.

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Do whatever you need to do to take care of YOU!

And it IS summertime, with your kids out of school, I'm sure you're wanting to spend more time with them, too.

Just don't forget us because we will never forget you and you just HAVE to come back to us (that's an order just like the one I gave Sandra elsewhere a few minutes ago; i.e., consider it as having come from your "online Mama"). :D



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