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Home at last!


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To all of the wonderful people who worried about me, I have to make a confession. I disregarded the recommendation (I prefer that to ignoring an order) of the nurse and the PA at Dr Tseng's office after I remembered Dr Tseng had told me she would be on vacation this visit! Anyway, I went instead to my son's for dinner. We had a family meeting and not going to the ER passed with a three to one vote, my husband, son and I nay and daughter-in-law "I don't the way it looks."

The next morning my daughter who was not there for the vote called and asked what did they say? I asked "what do you mean what did they say?" She responded with something like "don't mess with me." There had been two tentative plans: Go to a walk-in clinic five miles from the hospital that my son had gotten from the internet or present my toe to the chemo nurse. I didn't do either. I covered it up and had the chemo as planned. My grandson kept threatening to tell on me.

Anyway, today I made an appointment with RN Wendy Mitchell on my way through Port St Lucie. She doctored my toe and sides with her dad in thinking it wasn't a spider bite at all but an infected ingrown toenail but nothing to be real concerned about. I may have been influenced by the fact that my husband was bitten (in the same motorcoach) the night before and my first awareness of the toe was a sharp sting while I was in the shower but whatever. If it was a bite, the alleged bite was where the toenail enters the toe so I've been instructed by my RN in what to do with it until I get an appointment with a podiatrist which I will do tomorrow.

I would have checked in and confessed to my sin earlier but last night was my last with my grandson. When we left him at home about midday and headed for the Keys, my previously reliable mobile internet let me online (briefly) so I could read emails and posts on LCSC site but not send or submit anything! So sorry. Guess I need to give someone my phone number, huh!

Judy finally back in Key West

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Glad you are home safely Judy. I prefer calling it "not disclosing all the facts" when it comes to the chemo room. Not a sin at all in my books. Just being a bit stubborn and looking after yourself in the way only us crazy LC people can. I can't tell you how many extra anti-nausea pills I have laying around. Look after your toe now please..at some point enough is enough.


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Boy do I feel better Now! :shock: Glad it was nothing serious though!! :wink: and you are home safe and sound Oh and I am only like 3 hours from I-95 which is how you were travelling I am guessing! :wink:

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