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I was wearing my flip flops and couldn't run very fast...so I ditched those and slowed him down as he picked them up to inspect them. I kept going and finally ran into Ricky the Ranger and told him something big and hairy was after me. He said lady....

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and Maria led us in the following chant:

Everywhere we go...(people on the bus repeart)

People want to know (people on the bus repeart etc etc for each line...get it, just like when we went to summer camp)

Who we are

So wel tell them

We are crazy cancer people

Crazy crazy cancer people

Just as the whole bus was well in tune and singing in time...the beastie turned around and said..off the bus people...we have now arrived in...

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After we thought about it for a while. We decided as a group that since we made a lot of money on the tour and had paid for the new building that we would upgrade the bus. So we bought a luxury double decker keg bus with bedrooms, showers, a kennel for the dog, a small pasture for the cow and a cooler big enough to put the biggest six pack in america in.

As we were happily zipping down the road singing....

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