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Hello, introducing myself


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Hello my friends - I just found out today. Stg. 4 adeno, with malig. plueral effusion. 46 yrs old, Non-smoker, no other symptons or risk factors, just BOOM, here it is. I'm pretty freaked out, and looking forward to talking to you good folks here and hearing some success stories! :D I am awaiting my first appt. at the Juravinski Can. Ctr in Hamilton, ON.

Bit o' background on me, up until this, I've been a musician (bass player) on cruise ships for the past 18 years.


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Hi James. I think there are a few other members here that go to the same clinic as you. Welcome but so sorry you need to be here. You will find lots of support and information. It is so devastating at first but you will feel better once there is a treatment plan in place. I hope you find comfort here.

Sandra, a fellow Canadian

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NED means "no evidence of disease." When I first joined the site in September 2006 people answered back and said "we love NED here." Then I found out they weren't talking about me personally, though I am quite lovable! :lol:

Welcome to the group. We all understand your shock. Any questions at all, just ask. Aloha,


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Welcome James. Glad you found us. We know what a tough time it is when you are told the diagnosis and have to go through so many tests and meet new Doctors. Keep us posted on how you are doing and what the plans are.

Donna G

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I know the shock and devastation too well!! Hang in there!! There are many survivors here at all stages of the disease!!

I was diagnosed Stage IIIB over 3 1/2 years ago and am now cancer free! This is doable!!

Welcome to our online family.

Coincidently, I am a saxophonist...Bari saxophone!

God Bless!!


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Hello James and welcome!

Welcome to the boards! You came to the right place for information, support and hope!

Have a look around, read through some of the survivor stories and the good news forums. Lots of inspirational posts in those places!

Please feel free to ask any and all questions and know that there will always be someone here to help you out.



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Welcome to the boards!!! Sorry you need to be here. This is a great site with some really great people. Look around the various forums and read some history on some of the folks here - real success stories!!!

I, too am Stage IV - am coming up on 2 years!!!!

Wishing you success with your treatments. Please keep us updated on your progress!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Hey James

Another Canadian here as well. You will find the members here are great and very knowledgeable. This site is like a big family where everyone is very supportive. Ask any questions you may have and keep us updated.

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Hi James,

Sorry you needed to find us, but I sure am glad you did. You'll find great support and information here. Please take a minute and read over my profile below and click on My Story.

I totally understand your fear and shock as we ALL DO! Your not alone and we'll help you through the rough spots.


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