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Hurricanes Gustav and Hanna

Patti B

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It seems like we have a lot of friends in the path of these two hurricanes and it is starting to becoming very scary looking for so many of the gulf states. I can only hope and pray that the hurricanes lose some of their intensity before they make landfall and that the levies hold in New Orleans.

Was wondering if some of our friends could check in with us now and let us know what their plans are. Figure once the hurricanes hit, they probably won't have power for a while but would like to know if they are planning on leaving or staying. I know Will (Broken Arrow) checked in over on Saturdays Air but just said he was making preparations......don't know if that means preparations to leave or stay.

So please, if you can, let us know what you are planning on doing. I know our Florida friends may not know yet exactly where Hanna will hit but I am truly worried about all of you.

Start a prayer chain going here...............

Stay safe, and may God protect all of those in the hurricanes paths.

Hugs - Patti B.

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It may be a good idea if members evacuating can link up with members nearby in order to help with evacuatiion lodging perhaps!!

One of my car clubs has a standing offer to anyone evacuating to stay with other mebers or possibly one members lodge!!(He can house up to 150 at his lodge so..) Maybe we couild help fellow members in this way I know hotels can be hard to find in this situation so...

Thoughtrs and prayers and stay safe!!!

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Hope everyone that encountered Gustav is safe and sound!!!

Here on Florida's East coast, we still haven't dried up from Fay and here comes Hanna. These ladies are really harsh with us. In 2004, it was Francis and Jeanne that hit us hard.

I'm just so happy that New Orleans missed a direct hit from Gustav. My heart breaks for all of the people affected by these storms!!!

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