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Mom and Dad's anniversary


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Today my parents would have been married 32 years. Last year we all got together for dinner and Dad shared memories of their wedding day. It was very nice. Sad, of course, but also made us smile. I wasn't sure how to mark the day today. I sent Dad an e-mail and told him I was thinking of him. He said he planned on going to the cemetary tonight and reminded me it would have been 32 years. I know he still misses her painfully.

Even though Dad is now dating someone it is still so hard on him and on us to think they are no longer together. It hurts so much. I am going to meet the woman he is dating for the first time on Sunday. I am excited to meet her but also nervous and a bit sad. Kind of feels like I am closing a chapter in my life and moving on to a new one. I really hope I like her. I am nervous that I will be too critical and go out of my way to look for something I don't like. That is terrible, I know. I know she must be pretty special for my Dad to like her so much. It will be a hard day but I know I need to do this. The longer I wait to meet her the more preconcieved ideas I form in my head. I owe it to my Dad to give her a chance. She has gotten him back into the spirit of life and I am greatful for that.

But today, I will honor the memory of my mom, and the incredible marriage she had to my dad.

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Always such grace.

Your anticipation of the meeting is understandable, but when it happens, I am sure you will be in the moment and think of her what you think.

My mom had a boyfriend who we are still very close with and do family dinners and holidays with. He was committed to mom, and we are to him. I have often found myself uneasy that one day I know he'll date someone. Part of me hopes he does, he is lonely for sure. But I know it will be...different.

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I know it must be really hard to be remembering your parents together and then anticipating the meeting with the woman in your Dad's life. I can't possibly relate, but I think your dad is very blessed to have you for a daughter. The fact that you are digging deep in your heart and trying to accept this person in your Dad's life is the greatest gift you can give him now . I can only imagine that your mom would have wanted him to be happy . You will be in my thoughts.



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You are an incredibly strong person... I give you my complete respect for handling your Dad's dating so gracefully. There are so many who would not be as accepting. I know its hard, really hard. I am sure this woman is very nice as your Dad choose her to share his time with and I don't think he would want you to meet her if he had any doubts at all about this womans character.

Remember, she is not replacing Mom... NO ONE on earth could replace Mom. Let us know how you make out!! Love, Sharon

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