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Not bouncing back


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I'm getting nervous, hubby had his 6th round of Chemo 3 weeks ago and he just can't seem to bounce back, I know it can get worst after each treatment but 3 weeks seems too long, he only drinks (no solids) and sleeps constantly, only gets up to go to the bathroom... he goes to the Doctor the 27th for the tests results of his CT and MRI. Anyone out there take that long or longer to get over the Chemo?

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Hi Coni. That does seem a bit long and I would be worried too. But these chemo drugs are just nasty to our body and the after effects stick around for a long time. So let's just hope his test results are great and that he begins to bounce back one day at a time.


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I had four cycles of carbo/Taxol at three week intervals. Each time it took a little longer to bounce back. After the 4th infusion (Nov 15, 2003) it really seemed to take forever. My blood counts were low (lower than they had been), I was given injections for that, and it wasn't until after Christmas that I really felt sort of ok. I'd check with his doctor, tho.


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My mom is going throught the same thing now. This is her 2nd line of chemo and she said the 1st is no comparison to this and its strange b/c she had the big guns so to speak the first time round and this time with gemzar and carbo she is just so weak and tired too. I too am nervous about this but pray and hope they will regain their strength soon from this nasty chemo. We just were given advice from the radiation place that acupunture can be beneficial for my mother. Maybe he would consider that in between the chemo. We met with the acupunturist at radiation and she said it helps with weakness, energy, nausea from the chemo. Just a thought maybe he would consider it to help. I hope he feels well real soon and know that I am thinking of you.


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hi coni,

my 61 year old mother was diagnosed in september 2004 and has gone through countless rounds of every chemo treatment available...every round we panic for a second about 1/2 way through because she just seems to get slower and slower...not getting back on her feet as she had the first few sessions.

my impression is that the deeper into treatment you are, the more of the chemicals you have built up in your system...you have to remember, chemo is poison. your body doesn't flush it out like it would any other substance. i don't necessarily have anything medical to back it up but it's happened often enough that i'm sticking by my theory of chemo build up and bog down.

i would not worry about it too much but of course mention it to the dr as he may need a blood transfusion or the red blood cell helper (aerenesp?... sp?).

best of luck, stay strong.


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I agree with katie. I got the big guns too and sailed pretty easily through the first three or four. By the fifth it was the devil and before the sixth I said I only had it in me to do that one more.

That being said, I also agree with those who said you should call the doctor. The one thing I would change about how I went through my treatment was under-reporting symptoms. Some of us are just brought up with that grin and bear it kind of mentality. It doesn't pay with cancer. There is so much they can do to make him more comfortable.

Keep us up to date on how it goes.

Judy in Key West

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