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Mom got through her first round of her second chemo set two weeks ago. It slowed her down for about a day (seriously). This is so different than the first time she did chemo almost two years ago. She told me tonight that her head was starting to be sore, which means her har will start falling out soon. This was the most difficult part of her chemo the first time. This time? " I don't care this time." This is not a resigned "I don't care." It was a defiant "I don't care." She is going into this ready to do whatever it takes. You don't know how proud I felt of her. On second thought, maybe you do.

Next chemo is a week from tomorrow and I will be in NC with her. I'm going up this weekend so I can go to the Dr with her and then do all the Thanksgiving prep.


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I am in NC now with my mom. We saw her onc. today and he said the progression was minimal, but he didn't want it to spread any farther. The main activity still seems to be in her spine. She will get her second chemo tomorrow (carbo/taxol/avistin) and then the neulasta on Wednesday. They are going to do two more treatments (after tomorrow and then scan in January.

She is now completely bald. I cut most of her remaining har off yesterday morning and then today we went to get the rest of it buzzed off. It bothered me more than her. It was really wierd to be cutting all of her hair off.

We will have a house full of people on Thursday and I think she is looking forward to that. Tomorrow I will start shopping and cooking. Our rule is everyone has whatever pie they want. We will have seven people for Thanksigving dinner and six pies. I will be a pie baking machine over the next couple of days! I love it!

Thanks for your good wishes every one. Mom is in fighting spirit and I think that will take her a long way.


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