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My Heroes


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I have been very very fortunate in my life with regard to my health. No big deal problems, little or no painful stuff.


As is posted here, I fell and broke my femur 17 days ago. At least for a short period of time, this is life altering. I am a slug, people have to do almost everything for me.

This has given me a totally new outlook on how our survivors here face each day and accept the limitations and discomfort from the disease and the treatments. A huge pat on the back to you all. I am in awe of your never give in attitudes, and your help and kindness to others.

I am moving forward. Each day brings new capabilities. But each day reminds me that the survivors here are my HEROES.

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First, I think I missed the post re: you femur...so sorry...ouch is an understatement I am sure.

Second, I was having this very thought the other night. I got socked with the Norwalk Virus (the one that ends cruises) and thought to myself the discomfort and overall crappy feeling, and how amazing those who experience similar discomfort with their treatment are. Because they continue to charge through it and keep such amazinig spirit and attitude.

It is truly heroic.

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I'm so very sorry about your break, missed that post. I hope that you will continue to heal rapidly.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about our cancer patients. I have so many times wondered where they get all that strength and courage to face each challenging day. They are all heroes, they fight not only for themselves , but for other cancer patients and for their friends and families. Heroes is a very applicable word and describes them perfectly . I'm proud and honored to know such courageous and unselfish people . God Bless them all.


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Ginny, I missed you broke your femur! I'm so sorry. I've broken bones before and that pain is awful. I'm sorry you had to learn what it's like to not be totally well. It's a trip, huh. Glad to hear though that you're on the road to recovery.

Judy in Key West

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