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It's a beautiful sunny day and I wish I were sitting out on the porch appreciating it. I get a little manic at the holidays and keep thinking if I keep going and going, I'll get done and be able to sit and relax and enjoy it. I still have high hopes. We have two Christmas Eve parties and I hope to be in good shape by then. HO ho ho!

Dominick doesn't believe in Santa Claus this year. It's a little sad but a bit of a relief too--no staying up late pretending to be Santa Claus! His mom has to work (in Port St Lucie) and won't come in til late XMas Eve or early XMas morning. My son called last night and I will be visiting them, probably over the New Year. He has to check with his wife first. I've offered to babysit NY's Eve to give her extra incentive to o.k. my visit LOL.

Hope everyone has a great day and more fun than I'm having. What am I doing all this time anyway? The tree has been fluffed!

Judy in Key West

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No, Ned, she probably can't and she's not running for vice-president right now, either.

It's a cool, but gorgeous day in Orlando. Of course, most days are gorgeous. I'm hoping to finish my Christmas shopping today and get to the grocery store. Yesterday at the grocery store, even with a list, I forgot meat, ice cream, and stamps. Hope to do better today.


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It is a beautiful winter wonderland today. The snow has stopped for now but we got at least 40 cm in the past few days with a good base to start with. Awesome! We had the most wonderful day yesterday. My kids totally enjoyed just hanging out and playing in the snow. Our new puppy likes the snow as well.

I've got really good kids. Unfortunately for them their mother has a bit of a cruel streak. I am not sure if they believe in Santa anymore, but, I have got them believing in something even better. We were discussing our new puppy Rocky's medical records, after finally getting the right ones and getting over our shock of having a female versus a male. The records noted that she has a tatoo versus a microchip, so in the event she gets lost or stolen, she has a unique indentifier to assist in finding her. So the kids were trying to find it on her body. They were having fun and not being very successful.

Then I reminded them that their tatoos were in their butts! Having not heard that they had tatoos ever before, they were in shock. My daughter ran straight to her bedroom to try and check it out. They were even more horrified at my sudden need to want to check them out and make sure they were still there! I will lay a bit low on this for awhile now and gently remind them again right before school starts. To be sure that their tatooed butts are the subject of conversation on the school ground. Geesh, if I play this right I will have all the Grade 7 and 8's up in arms. Poor kids!

We are very slow moving this morning. I am hoping to adventure out in the wonderland and work on my remaining shopping.

Have a wonderful day everyone. Maybe we can all report in on where our baby tatoos are. Fortuntately for me, I have explained that this procedure was not done when I was a child.

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Ned, I can't see Cancun but would like to take a nice trip there. I know it would be just another island, but I'm thinking Christmas away somewhere would be much more relaxing! My husband said we did our stint with XMas and now the kids are suppose to take over. Didn't work--my daughter didn't even put up a tree!

Just because our friends up North haven't checked in, what's the temperature in Hawaii? It's a comfortable 72 in Key West.

Judy in Key West wishing she were in Cancun

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We have "warmed up" to a balmy minus 2 degrees F. The good thing is the sun is shining and we won't get more snow until ---tonight!

It is definitely going to be a white christmas here!

Donna G

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