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Getting to Know You - January 5


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Well, let's see...

Those serial coffee commercials. Funny, I can't remember the brand of coffee, but I remember the budding love story between the man and woman. Probably not a very effective commercial message.

Several of the Folger's coffee commercials. The best part of waking up is Folger's in your cup.

And the Aflac commercial with the goat. Too funny.

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I LOVE the new-ish commercial for the discovery channel, where all the discovery channel stars sing parts of the boom-dee-ada song! It made me cry the first time I was it!

Can't think of two more...but I'll try! LOL!

{Edited to add} Ooh, ooh,...just thought of another one! The pampers commercial...which is nothing but shots of sleeping babies, and someone is singing "Silent Night" in the background. Makes my womb ache for more babes....



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Currently, the "Marley & Me" trailer that has that puppy lolling around in the food he's just dumped out of the bag....makes me feel happy inside, so darn cute!

I like the vintage Coke commercial, the original "I'd like to teach the world to sing" one where Coke was NEVER mentioned...

AND then there's the Sobe commercial with the lizards dancing to "Thriller"...

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I love a lot of commercials. My son and I used to call each other back and forth on the phone to share the funnyist ones. I can't remember all those old greats but currently my grandson and I share a laugh over the swifer commercials and the GEICO commercials with the gecko. I also love the Verizon ones with the "dead zones," particularly the one where the punch line is "well, you have crabgrass." Oh, did I reveal too much about myself?

Judy in Key West

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I love the Budweiser commercials with the Clydesdale horses

Like Becky Snowflake, I love the Purina commercials with the Marley & Me scenes

I now love the football commercial featuring the song "You Had A Bad Day"

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