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Pounding Out Lung Cancer....


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I came up with an idea :idea: Desparate to lose weight :? ; mad at lung cancer :evil: and guilt over not being very active and offering much support at LCSC :oops: I came up with an idea tying everything together :D

This challenge is only for those who need to lose weight (and intended for family members to support the patients, not the patients themselves who should not undergo a diet without asking a doctor), but have no fear my blessedly skinny friends, you can participate too with pledges......

1. Ask family or friends (or yourself) to pledge a certain dollar amount to lung cancer for each pound you lose.

2. Keep track of your weight loss.

3. Let's check in with each other here (I will start the post) on the 15th of each month.

4. At the end of 3 months (April 15, tax day, easy to remember) and July 15, collect those pledges via checks payable to LUNGevity or cash (or donate the amount on line to www.lungevity.org)

We can post progress and share stories here. Alternatively, if anyone is interested in a more "private" way to share tips, notes, etc, I can set up an e-mail list, like a mass e-mail. for those involved in the challenge and we can e-mail just each other.

PM me or e-mail me at andreascheff@roadrunner.com with any questions, thoughts, or suggestions.

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Yay! Don't forget to let me know if you are in, so I can compile a list for fun. Also, PM me wth your e-mail so we can do a weekly e-mail with each other to see how it is going.

I am eating a lot today to earn more money, since my start day is tomorrow.

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I think this is a great idea, too! It'll keep my mind on something else, too. I have 50 lbs. to lose to get back to a healthy weight (Wii fit tells me I'm obese...so does the BMI calc. on my scale, even though I'm one of those "apples" that doesn't look THAT chubby).

I think I'll put $2 per pound lost and $4 per pound gained...a penalty for my tight budget, but motivation to keep it up and still beneficial to the cause.

Thanks, Andrea...I was feeling exactly the way you were, so this is perfect!

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Count me in as well. I need to lose "bunches" and we will leave it at that. I will shoot you my E-mail addie. Also, try a website called Spark People, very supportive for folks trying to see the scale numbers go South.


Take Care


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I just wanted to say that, after having failed on nearly every diet under the sun, I lost 50 lbs over the period of a year (7/04-6/05) on the Atkins diet and it was really painless, and I've kept it off. If anyone's interested in knowing more about it, please feel free to PM me. And good luck to everyone.


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"Kasey"]Hey Ellen!!! I am having a difficult time picturing you 50 lbs. heavier. You are such a tiny thing!!!! You need to eat more at Kildaire's :lol: !!!


Oh you sweetie. But I'm glad you're having difficulty picturing me 50 lbs heavier -- it was not a pretty sight. Sort of like a button mushroom in Birkenstocks. :wink:


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