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25 Random Thoughts


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1. I have watched 2 of the most important people in my life take their last breaths and pass on to a better place. It was terribly hard and heart wrenching but I would not have had it any other way.

2. I really do have another brother besides Pete. His name is Matt. He is 11 yrs younger than me.

3. I still have one living Grandmother. My brothers and I call her Grandma Kitty. I think that it was our way of distinguishing her apart from our other grandma. She had 10 children and has numerous grandchildren, and probably even more great-grandchildren.

4. My oldest child Anna was is a carrier of Cystic Fibrosis. We found out when she was born through a new born screening ( the heel prick test). She will never develop the disease, but if she were to have a baby with someone who is also a carrier, they would have a 50% chance of having a child with CF.

5. I own a antique Singer Sewing Machine, and know how to use it. It originally belonged to my great-grandmother. She made her wedding dress on it. It is approximately 108 yrs old.

6. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who assume. You know what happens to people who do that …. *ss U Me….

7. I am secretly hoping that one day, one of those Clean Sweep or Clean House shows will come knocking on my door. My house is so unorganized, no thanks to the kids toys all over!

8. I am a very sentimental person, so I tend to hang on to a lot of things, that I know I should just get rid of. Which is why I need # 7. 

9. When I was little, probably up until I was old enough to drive, I would spend almost every weekend at my grandma’s house with my brothers and my cousin Crissy.

10. If I could change one thing about my past, I probably would have applied myself more in High School. Socially and Academically.

11. I love to do crossword puzzles. It is my escape, especially after spending a day watching mindless TV with the kids.

12. I have been told, on a number of occasions that my mind is full of useless knowledge, that can only be good for Jeopardy. Which makes me sorta good at trivia games. I guess those Gen Ed classes in college were good for something!

13. I love to do crafts and art projects with my kids. I even have a big cupboard in my dining room that is full of art supplies.

14. I love to cook, bake and all that fun stuff. I wish I had a bigger kitchen to do it in though.

15. I like to play board and card games.

16. I wish I could afford to go back to school. Not sure what I would do, but I feel like I need to do something.

17. My celebrity crush is Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters. Especially the short hair version.. lol

18. I have a niece who is a Cadet at West Point! I am very proud of her for choosing this path, as not many men, much less a woman can tackle that demanding situation.

19. My favorite job ever, would have to be when I worked at UW-Cancer Center. I felt like I was doing something important. Plus I loved my co-workers

20. When I ever do get a chance to watch TV, I am hooked on stupid reality shows, like Rock of Love. Seriously, it’s like watching a bad accident, you can’t help but look.

21. When I was in college at UW-La Crosse, it took some ROTC classes to fill up space… While in those classes I won the ROTC Meritorious Citizenship Award.

22. Yes, my eyes are that blue, and I really am that short! 

23. Although it may appear on the outside, that I have it together, I struggle daily to keep it together and not let my grief over my Dad get the best of me.

24. Some people may say that this is my, umm, best feature, but I really wish I had smaller boobs


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1. Only 2 more hours at work today

2. Only 3 more days at work this week

3. Dinner alone this evening - thinking of comfort foods to go

4. Grandchildren

5. Abused golden retriever puppy I found a home for yesterday

6. Need to call Sue

7. Need to email Debi

8. Would rather be outside than inside

9. Got 1099 - have to file taxes

10. Grandchildren

11. Caylee Anthony ( office discussion)

12. Need to laugh more

13. feel like I'm coming down with a bug

14. Maybe need a good cry

15. I think I've lost weight

16. Need to clean my craft room

17. Hope laundry got done today

18. Feel like I need to make life changes

19. Really need to laugh more

20. Looking forward to lunch with LCSC pals

21. Can't wait to get home and hear silence

22. Taxes

23. More taxes

24. Looking at clock too often...want to go home

25. Answer phone

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1. No! It can’t be time to get up already.

2. Coffee, coffee, coffee. Must have coffee.

3. Mmm. Isn’t a hot shower just heavenly?

4. What should I wear today?

5. OK. What should I do first?

6. Ooh, someone made the coffee already!

7. I’m hungry.

8. Yay, lunchtime.

9. Why in the world am I in such a bad mood today?

10. Go get some fresh air, before you pop.

11. Thank you, Lord. I’m feeling much better.

12. Ooh, cake!

13. The dogs are barking. Can’t wait to kick these shoes off.

14. Will this day never end?

15. 15 more minutes. Just 15 more minutes.

16. No bills? Excellent.

17. Ah! Slippers.

18. What in the world am I going to do for supper?

19. I wonder if we’re having chat tonight.

20. Stupid dog. In or out?

21. Don’t forget to take those coffee filters to work tomorrow.

22. 25 random thoughts?

23. I should get those coffee filters and put them in the car.

24. Don’t forget to ask Nick to empty the dishwasher.

25. I think I’ll have a glass of wine.

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1. CEO of the company I was let go of is having a REALLY bad day today: http://www.cnbc.com/id/15840232?video=1015170862

2. HA! in reference to #1

3. Need to head to bed.

4. One more game of Bubble Town.

5. Dumb reality shows - sure am enjoying "Tool Academy"! What a bunch of tools!

6. How dumb am I, stats, econ AND business law along with another business course? Nothing like jumping in with both feet!

7. More studying to do, need to sleep first.

8. Should get all my "due by Friday" work done by tomorrow and take the rest of the week off.

9. Need to call an academic advisor for some assistance in choosing a career path that will be fulfilling spiritually AND financially.

10. Are CEO's really worth what they're paid? LOL

11. Glad I didn't make an *ss of myself on national TV by lying...

12. Wish it was warmer in here, wonder when my new drapes will arrive to cut the cold...

13. Should have put on my bathrobe instead of just wrapping in a blanket.

14. Gosh, these dogs are little love sponges.

15. Why do some dogs eat poop? Nasty little girl, gonna have to buy her a muzzle - the other two don't feast on poopsicles...YUCK!

16. Must be bedtime, the dogs are snoring on the couches.

17. Diets suck, why didn't I buy ice cream (DUH, because I'd eat it!)

18. Sure hope Andrew feels better in the morning, we've been suffering through the stomach flu together and he's missed some school.

19. Wonder if my husband knows I still love him, even though I've been really tough to live with for the last two weeks...

20. If being unemployed means just laying around and collecting money, when does that start? ;)

21. Wonder where I put the lightbulbs for the lamp in the office, they're a special size so I put them "up" and now the lights are burned out and I can't find the new bulbs!

22. Niecy Nash, where are you, girlfriend?

23. Really should go through all those boxes that contain what was on my desk and get the perishables to the trash.

24. Sure do miss the girls I used to work with...

25. I must be crazy, I'm looking forward to grocery shopping Friday!

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1. what should I eat for dinner?

2. why is there a "burning" spot in the back of one of my shoulders?

3. is it a tumor inside...like Mom's shoulder pain?

4. why did my parents die?

5. I hope I can stay awake tonight after the "Young and the Restless" and work on my quilt.

6. I dress like a nerd.

7. why did my parents die?

8. I have a three day weekend coming up!

9. I'm tired of the way my supervisor talks to me and other people.

10. maybe I should tell her so.

11. I am glad our department head's last day is Friday!

12. I am boycotting her going-away-party.

13. she was cold hearted and uncaring while my parents were sick.

14. why did my parents die?

15. should I try to give Reuben a bath myself?

16. I have been thinking about a nurse that I work with whose sister-in-law has SCLC and now her mother-in-law has NSCLC.

17. I'm getting sleepy.

18. All I want to do is read the book I'm working on "World Without End".

19. Will Reuben and Sabrina-cat ever get along?

20. I really like the lounge pants I just bought.

21. Purple is my favorite color.

22. I'm glad that I started going back to church.

23. I don't like the way I look in dresses.

24. I'm glad lots of women are wearing slacks to church now.

25. wonder where Brie-dog went....and what she's up to....

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1. Taxes are done.

2. I'm tired--the story of my life.

3. Keep replaying what the retired onc at my new group said: "Well, it is an odd case." Then: "I'd be optomistic."

4. Can't wait to get my haircut today.

5. Hope I can discipline myself to carry a little everyday to the coach so I don't have to wear myself out the last couple of days.

6. It's a beautiful day and it's getting warm.

7. I shouldn't complain it's hot when I've been bellyaching for weeks that I'm cold.

8. It's going to be a long day today if I go to happy hour since my first apptmt is at noon.

9. Wish I didn't get paranoid when I don't get a response from people for awhile.

10. Still trying to accept that this is my new normal. It seems as though everyone has a life but me.

11. I remember telling clients that in our culture, we tend to invest our identity in what we do on our job.

12. I remember when I was in a car wreck years ago and was out of commission for 6 mos or so. I went somewhere where I had to introduce myself and realized after I gave my name, I wasn't anymore than that because I was not working.

13. The blooms on my orchids hanging outside my window are fading but still beautiful.

14. My husband made a special stop on his way home from his business trip because he'd forgotten to get birdseed and suet cakes.

15. Right now no one is feeding there.

16. My husband is a little grumpy today. Am not sure but I think I said something to tee him off and I know what it is.

17. This is a new thought, should I try to fix it? Sometimes it's better to just let it go. It wasn't a big thing.

18. I'm tired. I've thought it again several times since I've been doing this so I needed to say it again.

19. I need to work out before I get ready to go out.

20. My husband made much banging and clanging moving my workout machine so he could change the AC filter.

21. He probably didn't move it back which I will have to do to have room to exercise. It's very heavy.

22. I have to start taking the tree and XMas decorations down.

23. Everybody probably thinks I'm a slug that it's still up but I'm happy I've learned to be less rigid and prioritize better.

24. Because of the lesson above, I think I'm a more pleasant person much more of the time.

25. Whew, glad that's done.

Judy in Key West

Edited only for typos!

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Shelly, Ann, Lynn, Becky and Leslie (blue you are Leslie, aren't you?)--just wanted you to know I read all twenty-five of each of your posts. See I told you I didn't have a life LOL. Really, I loved this one Ann. It did help me get to know each of you a little more.

Shelly, sounds like you were an underachiever at school. You really should go back. There are lots of ways to do it now. I got my BA when I was 40 and my MA when I was 42. Never too late.

Ann, I should have the problem of losing weight. I was surprised when you said you should laugh more. You are one of the funniest women on the site. You really need to come to Lunch next week!

Lynn, I love the humor in your writing. It even comes through in a list! Did anyone ever tell you that you are obsessed with food and drink LOL.

Why do some dogs eat poop? Nasty little girl, gonna have to buy her a muzzle - the other two don't feast on poopsicles...YUCK![\quote] Becky, you really funny too. You might want to check out my #10, 11 & 12, and not for humor.

Leslie (blue), I'm so sorry that your parent's deaths and cancer are in the forefront of your mind. You must still be in a lot of pain. It would be nice to tell that departing boss (in appropriate words, I am all about appropriate communication) that now that she's leaving, you wanted her to know that you feel she didn't show you a lot of empathy when your parent's were sick. Just an opinion. I happen to think people need to be told when they have behavior that impacts so negatively on other people.

O.k. I'm done and there (unfortunately) is still time to workout LOL.

Judy in Key West

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1. At my age it might be tough to come up with 25.

2. Used to have 3 cats TC (The Cat) TOC (The Other Cat) and LC (Last Cat)

3. I broke my femur the day after Thanksgiving, still have a hitch in my giddyup.

4. I have 6 gorgeous, smart funny grandchildren

5. I work part time

6. My kitchen is only a way to get to the family room, cooking is not my thing.

7. I discovered and became obsessed about golf when I was 62.

8. Reading and books are very important to me.

9. Must admit, love Reality TV - Amazing Race, Survivor, Top Chef etc. etc.

10. Love my DVR and wireless DVR

11. Sleep all night with the TV on. I sometimes wonder what subliminal info I have.

12. Amazed at how close I feel to some people on the Lung Cancer Support Community.

13. Every woman should have a daughter

14. Just reconnected with a friend I hadn't seen in over 25 years and we just picked up where we left off.

15. I live alone, I have 5 TV's, 2 computers and 6 telephones.

16. Friends are the best.

17. My next trip, hopefully, will be a riverboat cruise from Amsterdam to Vienna.

18. Not a beach person.

19. I am a widow and today is my husband's birthday. I am very sad.

20. A bunch of my friends are in sunny FLA and I am NOT.

21. Had to have someone from work come out to my car to help me into work since the parking lot was a sheet of ice and I am not going to break another leg.

22. I used to knit and miss it. I will have to get back to it.

23. Thought I might want to date and have realized that I really don't.

24. My grandson accepted me as a friend on facebook - WOW.

25. I feel very self centered writing all this stuff about me.

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1. Man being there live to watch Villanova beat Pitt last night was really cool.

2. I'll bet everyone else thinks it was awesome that Villanova beat Pitt.

3. Resist urge to tell snowflake that statistics and economics should be easy courses, and that no one should be subjected to having to take business law, although we all have to.

4. Resist the urge to tell snowflake that the current course selection appears to be business...STAY away from accounting, tax, or really anything business.

5. Wish someone would have giiven me the advice in #4 about 15 years ago.

6. Don't make fun of Ginny D

7. Don't make fun of Ginny D

8. Don't make fun of Ginny D

9. Ahh crud, how can you not make fun of someone who breaks their leg walking???

10. It's scary how much Ginny and I have in common...real scary

11. I don't like the beach either

12. I also sleep with the TV on

13. I have a full time job, but really only work part of the time...lol

14. I too am addicted to golf...although I've been playing longer and started just a bit younger than Ginny

15. I'm not sure which is worse, the fact that Ginny has a facebook account and I don't, the fact that no one over the age of 12 should have a facebook page at all, or the fact that I could be totally wrong and taht facebook is really cool and everyone should be on there.

16. There is no way the last part of 15 could be true...Unless you're 12.

17. My parents are in Florida as well, and at 58 and 56 I never considered them OLD....Until my dad spent 15 minutes on the phone today talking about the shuffle board league he joined in the old people's mobile home park they live. He actually told me that he was going to go to the "Tampa Shuffle Board Club????" to play in a tournament, but they were having some games in the community there so he stayed there instead.

18. What exactly do I call the place they live? I get yelled at when I call it a trailer park...Mobile home park? Sounds too close to trailer park, and I'm tired of getting in trouble. Community??? That sounds like someplace where a Cult is operating. I don't know, and I really shouldn't be wasting time thinking about it.

19. CAN YOU BELIEVE there is a Tampa shuffle board club?

20. My dad got beat in shuffle board by a 90 year old woman.

21. Serves him right.

22. Am I really at number 22 already?

23. Thank GOD i got done with all the similarities between Ginny and I...That was scary.

24. Why did I ever get an accounting degree and follow that up with a master of Taxation degree. what am I stupid? I should have been in sales.

25. I think I'm going to start looking for sales jobs.

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Actually, looking at a B.S. in Business Administration with a focus on health care. ...and I'm entertaining thoughts of an MBA. I figure, having been laid off from a Fortune 200 company, that I'm not enamored with Corporate America and am going to head to a "stable" career in health care - without the blood and needles. Can't do either side of needles, just can't.

(And I'm finding statistics to be pretty easy if I keep up with my reading. Economics is a bit ridiculous - the driving force in America is GREED, why can't they just spell it out??)

Business law, having worked in a business' litigation group for the last however many years, is pretty easy, too.

But it's SUPPOSED to be hard! :wink:

...and just call Mom & Dad's place their "Florida Getaway"...and one slip of calling it an old folks community and they'll be happy with "trailer park!"

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Ginny, I suppose it's possible I am the one you left behind...If of course the son you left behind was EXTREMELY handsome, intelligent, witty, and just an all around great guy.

Snowflake, I like that career path...Sounds interesting and fun...My brother majored in healthcare management...you know what he does now???? SALES.

The only USEFULL thing I learned in business law is that an engagement ring is a contract, unless it is given on a holiday, in which case it becomes a gift....Gifts are not returnable, if a contract is broken however, the ring comes back....And Col thought us getting engaged on July 3rd was just a coincidence....lol

Thanks for the advice on what to call the florida location..

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