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Miss him so much


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On Dec. 30, my wonderful husband, Jim, succumbed to lung cancer after a 4 month battle with the beast. I was with him throughout in and out of the hospital. He was able to die at home with Hospice care the last night. I miss him so much. From the point of diagnosis, he never had a chance. He was stage 4...had been indestructable or so I though....strong, athletic, loving life ...and then the beast got him. Only a brief smoking history 34 years ago. Now that the memories of the illness are fading, I am waking up in disbelief that it has all occured. I have joined widow support groups and have begun to volunteer tutoring kids at a homeless shelter but nothing can begin to address the profound sorrow and sense of loss in my heart. My grown kids and friends just cannot fill the void he left. He was my best friend and number one supporter and I am truly lost without him. My bright future seems gone. I know that others are so much worse off than me and I need to be thankful for my blessings but I do feel so sad that none of the treatments gave him even one good day. He suffered from the point of misdiagnosis to diagnosis and took it all with never a complaint or a "why me?" He fought the best he could til the end, and remained so stoic. He spent his life exercising and eating properly....and he died far too young....Thanks for listening.

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My thoughts and Prayers go out to you for some inner strength and peace. I know all to well how hard it is. But your doing ok right now just take things one at a time..

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