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Getting to Know You - Wednesday, February 25


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Chocolate .... aaahhhh! Oh well, it will certainly help with the weight loss effort. I also decided for Lent I would do something as well - I am going to keep a gratitude journal - something I have been talking about for ages.

Just think how good those peanuts and my chocolate is going to taste in 40 days!?!?

Happy Ash Wednesday all!


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I've been trying to lose a couple of the 25+ pounds I've gained, so Fred has doled out 3-5 mini peanut butter cups for me per day and hides the reest aso I don't finish the bag!!!. I am giving those up!!! Sounds simple????? Not for me. Also Cape Cod potato chips. If you haven't had the opportunity to ever try them ~ I suggest you don't! They are addictive. This is going to be a LONG 40 days!


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I'm giving up fried foods. I know this may sound easy for some but being a southern gal, I love just about anything that's been deep fried. Like others, I'm in a constant battle to lose a couple of pounds and due to fried foods and my love of carbs, it never happens. So...no more french fries for me.

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