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God, heavenly father, Abba, Buddha, Jesus, Allah...in all of your names, I ask that you give me the strength and clarity to see my mother through this important and difficult time in her life. I pray that you help me be still and know that You Are.

I pray that, in the spirit of St. Francis, my anxiety may be transformed into peace, my sadness into gratitude, my resentment into forgivebness and pardon, my confusion into resolve and my fear into faith. I publish this prayer so that the love and faith of the men and women on this Board may carry it to you, even as I falter and lose my voice.

Guide the hands of Suki's new caregivers, that they may treat her with compassion and wisdom.

Guide the travels of our family members coming to visit with Suki this week.

Guide me and my brother though this transition in our lives.

Guide Suki through this transition to her next place of being.


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