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I done it!


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Thanks everyone :D

After several attempts and failures in the past I thought that I was going to find quitting really hard. But I think finding out that your father is terminally ill, possibly as a result of smoking, really puts things into perspective and takes the edge off of the hard work that goes into quitting.

I won't say that it's been easy. But it hasn't been hard for me either.

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Caren I think you have good reason to be proud.

Like you I make one attempt after another. Even watching my mom and Johnny die with lung cancer, i just couldn't seem to make myself give them up. I made every excuse you could think of then one day I told myself it was now or never that will be 3 years on April 23. It is nice not to wake up coughing every morning and not to have to clean the smoke off of everything in my house. I do admit that there are still days when I think about the taste and want a puff but I know that just one puff would put me back to a place I don't want to go.

One thing I will warn you to watch out for is weight gain. I didn't even realize I was gaining until I bought some new pants and couldn't get into them. I have gained 50 pounds and after trying off and on for the past two and a half years I finally told mysef the the same thing about my weight. It is now or never and beleive me it is a toss up witch is harder quiting smoking or sticking to a new way of eating to lose weight the sensible way.

Once again congradulations.

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Congratulations, Caren, on your accomplishment!

Lily, I think that the eating is probably harder - after all, no one HAS to smoke, but everyone HAS to eat! I'm back on the flippin' diet bus, chicken and broccoli for me, yum (not!).

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I know exactly what you mean, Lilly! I have already gained 7lb. I am now cutting down on all the biscuits and pastries and other yummy snacks and replacing them with rice cakes and other cardboard foods when I fancy a snack :lol:

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