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Getting to Know You - Friday - April 10


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I will be coloring eggs for Ella and Jude. Although I'm going to use the plastic eggs for hiding, Nana will have to have some of the "real things" for peeling and eating. At 2-1/2, Ella has become very opinionated about her choice of colors and has decided that her favorite color is purple. She told me she wants all of her eggs to be colored purple. So, I bought extra dye to make sure I have enough purple.

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Yes indeed. It wouldn't be Easter without coloring hard boiled eggs! We have fun doing it and my 14 year old daughter is still very keen. Trouble is though I am the only one who likes hard boiled eggs and egg salad sandwiches. So we will try our best to focus on quality versus quantity! Happy egg dipping everyone!

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No I won't be this year. I haven't for many y ears. When my grandchidlren were little and even when some were nearly grown it was a yearly ritual at my house.

I would get all of the kids together or as many as I could and we would dye eggs. After a while the usual colors would get boring so I would go to the cabinet and get out the food colors. I would squirt it and by the time we were done there was a big mess but some of the most unusual eggs you ever saw. I remember one time when one of my granddaughters said "Maw Maw you always do fun things with us, my mama doesn't".

Yesterday I saw a post on myspace. My daughter in laws sister posted pictures of some of the eggs she and my youngest grand daughter had dyed. I don't mind admitting that it made me a little jealous.

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ABSOLUTELY. I told my family they had to tell Dominick he loves to dye eggs whether he does or not because Nonie does! Every year I buy more egg dying kits and always find I already had some left over from last year LOL.

We are having fun. I even went out on the dock fishing with the guys last night. Haven't done it for years but I haven't lost my touch. We just caught bait for the guys to go out on the boat with and fed the egret but it was a good time.

Judy in Key West

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