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Treatment begins soon ...


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Radiation w/ Cisplatin & Etoposide

We met with the radiation and medical oncologists yesterday and they are recommending radiation with chemotherapy.

Cispatin, Etoposide and Radiaiton on Day 1

Day 2 - 5 Etoposide and Radiation

Day 6 Cisplatin and Radiation

Day 7 - 28 Radiation only

Then repeat ...

Has anyone had this type of treatment?

On another note, we were able to talk my Mom into going to SC (from NY) to visit the newest family member born on April 3rd (2nd grandchild for my parents). We are remaining positive and living!')

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Deb, sorry, I haven't had all or any of these treatments. I did want to say congratulations to the new addition in the family. In my experience, grandchildren can provide some of the best medicine we can take with cancer or any other ailment. Good luck to your Mom with the treatment plan.

Judy in Key West

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I was never on that regimen either (was not a candidate for radiation). Just wanted to jump in here and wish your mom good luck. Hope she enjoyed the visit with the new grandbaby!!!!

Hang in there, girl!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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Hi there. I had very similar first line treatment although I received the cisplatin and the etoposide together. I suffered a bit from chemo (mostly I think when I was getting off the anti-nausea drugs...you can be a bit "grumpy" getting off decadron) but overall it wasn't too bad to get through. I sailed through radiation with really no side effects. Everyone is different though and depending on the location of the radiation some suffer more with eating troubles.

The most important thing to do while on chemo is drink, drink, drink. Plenty of fluids. Even if you don't feel like eating....drink. This helps in getting through the chemo a lot easier.

Wishing your mom the best with her treatment plan.


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I did Cisplatin, Etoposide. Monday's both, then Tues. & Wed. just the Etoposide. Every 3 weeks for 4 rounds. I had surgery did not have radiation. They have great drugs for nausea, do not be shy about using them! I also found that if I ate every couple of hours it really helped, if my stomach got to empty my nausea got worse. Food that was great one day was gross the next. So stay flexible with meals. Meals didn't work for me. As people have said, the reactions vary so much from person to person it's hard to tell how anybody is going to react. Some people get really sick at first then get better, some are fine then get sicker and some don't get sick at all. Since you are going with Cisplatin I would recommend getting a hearing test first, it can cause hearing difficulties. I also had problems with the dexamathasone, it messed with my blood sugar (diabetic) and my blood pressure (I have high blood pressure). Just keep talking to the RN's and your docs about anything, and I mean anything unusual or differant. They will usually have a fix for it.


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Hi Deb,

I had the exact same treatment. I did have 2 cycles of the chemo regime instead of just one. I am a 5 yr 2 month survivor initially diagnosed at stage iiia. I did have extensive lymph node involvement initially when I had surgery to remove my left lung.

I was pretty healthy during the chemo/radiation treatments. My worst side effect was being very tired, but then again, I had my left lung removed right before I started the chemo. No nausea but a little neuropathy in my hands/feet. My blood counts stayed pretty stable until the last dose of cisplatin and I needed a blood transfusion. The transfusion perked me up the next day.

Unfortunately for me, my cancer re-occured but I have heard many lung cancer survivors - long term survivors (13 yrs, 9 years, 8 yrs etc) have fabulous results with the cisplatin/etopiside/radiation cocktail.

1 last tip to make sure that your mom drinks lots of water before, during and after chemo to keep her kidneys flushed and prevent dehydration.

I have my fingers crossed that the cocktail works great.


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