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Back from Dallas, Atlanta and New York


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Hey LC buddies!!!

It's great to be back home... Life on the road for the last month has been a blast but I was beginning to miss my routine.

The lung cancer advocacy summit in Dallas was wonderful. I had the opportunity to meet many amazing survivors and caregivers very passionate about the cause. I left feeling empowered to continue this fight to bring awareness and education to the public about lung cancer!!!

Then off to Atlanta on a charter bus for a middle school band trip.. SIX FLAGS will never be the same..lol I will never be the same especially after spending 8 hours with Ryan confined to a bus seat. Nevertheless, Jon's band did great!! THey WOn!!!! With a score of 98 and competing against 15+ other bands from across the country.. GO Band!! I'm so proud of them!!!

And finally ending up in New York City where I was able to share my story with various magazine publications including Self, Marie Claire, Parents, Women's Day and WOmen's World. Keep your fingers crossed that maybe they will decide to do a lung cancer feature.. I sure hope so!!!!

I love you guys and I'm sorry for being delinquence with my moderator duties. I am back and will be much more vocal and present. OOPS>> I just remembered that I forgot to get a hall pass... Do I have detention?



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Jamie, you continue to amaze me. Your enthusiasm is contageous and I know something will come of this. You always make a difference. I hope one day to meet you so I can give you a hug.

You rule girl!!!

Welcome home.

Maryanne :wink:

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Dear Jamie,

Just knowing that you are out there getting the word to the world about lung cancer is a giant plus. You are a wonderful advocate on the subject, and we are so appreciative that you are so professional. You have, no doubt, made a difference.

Congratulations on the successful band achievement. FANTASTIC

Nevertheless, we are so glad that you are back with us once again. :D

Love and (((HUGS))),


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