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What Planet is this Gal from?


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Today I went in for a follow up chest x-ray at our local hospital. I have had several x-rays, MRI's and CT Scans done here with no problems. This morning, after taking the x-ray, the little gal came back in the room and asked "Have you had lung surgery?" When I said no she looked perplexed until I told her I have lung cancer. She then said" That explains that" and turned to walk away. When I asked WHAT it explained, she said my right lung "was shorter" than my left lung.

Now, had I NOT known I had cancer I would be a basket case at this point! When I got to work I was telling my Boss about it and she said I needed to call "someone" at the hospital and tell them about the conversation. I called the head of the x-ray dept. and after telling my story he said "That was real professional wasn't it" in a rather sarcastic voice. I laughed and told him I thought maybe a short counseling session was in order to which he wholeheartedly agreed.

I have to tell you I was floored by her comment. I have NEVER had anything as unprofessional happen during this whole process.

Hopefully she will not start anyone elses day off with a jolt as she did mine!

God Bless you all,


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Thanks, Fay!

By the way, we got our copy of CURE the other day, and it DOES look like you on the cover! Did you get a side job as a model? You do have a beautiful head! I had a friend once who's sister was a foot model. She wasn't the best looking person above the ankle, but apparently had some good looking feet! So if you can be a foot model, why not a bald head model?

Take care!

Karen C.

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Good thing you called them up...that was crazy!!! You just reminded me of something that has puzzled me...forgive me for going off on my story..

When I went for my 3 week post op xray, the technician took it and was looking at the film on the viewer off to the side of me. He knew it was post op and turned and asked me which lung had been operated on.

I was a bit bewildered and told him, you may want to look for the one that's missing 2/3 of it and has a bunch of staples in it!!

Holy cow!! Shouldn't you be able to TELL??

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Quickie here, I'm on my way to bed...

I've had a few run-ins with x-ray techs that are a few cans short of a six-pack... I asked my doctor about some of the comments and he told me that these people just TAKE the pictures, they aren't trained to interpret them. SOOOOoooo....brings to mind the quote of "Better to be thought an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt"! :wink:

I'm sure she'll be reminded of her "less than brain surgeon status" on the hospital food chain and that she'll be reined in for a few weeks....

Take care!


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But doesn't it make you wonder? The techs take the xrays....they are the ones who have to look at them after they develop them to determine if the images are clear enough for the radiologist to READ them.... So they have to have some idea of internal anatomy.

Or did they forget to use the left side/right side film markers before taking the films?

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Guest ekim4got

Wow, another Mensa candidate. I think you did the right thing by notifying the department head but I would go a step further and lodge a gentle complaint with the facility administration and/or patient's rights liason if the facility has one. The person involved should be made aware of her faux pas and have a clear understanding as to why what she said was not appropriate. It would be benificial to the this individual from a professional standpoint say nothing of the next patient who might be spared the fear and worry caused by this sort of dunder-headed comment.

The Doctor who delivered my Father's dx sat back, crossed his arms and told my Dad that "this cancer will kill you". Cancer is plenty scary enough without that kind of calousness on the part of the people we look to for our best hope. This comment came prior to staging and my Pop's first consult with the Oncologist. The Oncologist was not able to conceal his shock when told of this. My Dad has limited stage SCLC. It is survivable, it can be cured. There is hope. A far cry from "this cancer will kill you". Thankfully, Dad's Oncologist is thoughtful, positive, caring, well-spoken and very generous with his time, representative of the majority of people in the health care industry. Probably the vast majority of medical folk you've encountered on your journey have been wonderful. Unfortunately, an occasional, ill-timed comment can still cause a great deal of heartache and the individuals who make them should be made aware of their mistakes. It provides an opportunity for them to improve their bedside manner and patient relation skills. Those are my thoughts anyway.

Best wishes to you for a Happy Holiday season and a new year filled with nothing but good news.


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The term "Mental Giant" comes to mind.

When I get my CTs done, I am allowed to look at them immediately (While still on the comp monitor) however, I am told in no uncertain terms by the tech that he will not comment on them at all, thats is for the doctor to do. I already knew this. He does point out the different organs, which is allowed. I find it fascinating, actually.

He stretched the rules once by pointing out my staples when I told him "Those things cost 1/4 million, I at least want to have a gander at 'em" :wink:

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