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Randy......Get your dancing shoes on!


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Time for another happy dance from you! I'm sure you must know someone with a video camera. Something along the lines of Gene Kelly doing Dancing in the rain perhaps?????

I was able to get my MRI for my brain earlier than scheduled & today got the results. Do not have to go back for 3 months as they see no recurrence or any new tumors!

It looks like I have a perfectly normal brain (but as my cousin said "If you do, you're the only one in our family who does). He thinks he is such a wit. :roll:

Also had a shoulder MRI at the same time but haven't gotten the results of that. X-rays that were taken show no problems with any bones so went the next step with an MRI. Will see PCP tomorrow about that. We are almost sure it is a torn rotator cuff (but that I can deal with that while standing on my head.)


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We are Happy Too !!!!!!

Congrats on the good news !!!!!!

Mocha cant work the buttons on the camera!!!! IF we did have one! but this should do...

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Such wonderful news for a Friday!!!! Well, for ANY day for that matter. I'll do the happy dance and Fred will too (though his is pretty ugly)!!!! Rotator cuff ~ such small potatoes, huh? And to think people go all to pieces over such a thing! Glad you've given us all reason to feel uplifted.


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