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Getting to Know You - Monday - August 31


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I have to say that I am never really bored, especially when I am home. I always have so many projects going. One thing I can say though is sometimes I get really ansy because I just don't want to do any of my projects so then I try to read but usually that doesn't work so I go on line and read. That usually gets me settled.

I hear so many people ask what do you do all of the time aren't you bored. My answer to that is I keep busy and being retired is great I just wish sometimes that there were more hours in the day and that time didn't pass so fast :!:

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I am also usually very busy, and over scheduled so the opportunity for boredom is pretty low. However, I also think that I have a low threshold for excitment. I don't really ever feel bored, I've had times where I find I've spent a good deal of time doing nothing but sitting around planning things in my head, and I'm perfectly happy. It doesn't take much.

Otherwise if I do feel a bit ansy like I have too much energy and not enough activity I have one of two options. If my husband is home, there is always the option for "romance". That will break any boredom. If he isn't then I'll take the dogs outside to play (not exactly as exciting, but oh well).

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