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Scanned ... now waiting for doc appt while at the beach!


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Hello Dear Friends,

My Mom went for her CT on Monday and, execpt for a painful IV injection (or shall I say attempt) by a less than seasoned nurse, appointment went well. Also, all blood counts were w/n NORMAL range. YAY.

We now wait until next Tues when we see the doc. However, we have our annual girls beach trip starting tomorrow where my Mom will be surrounded by 3 of her sisters, 3 of her neices and her favorite daughter :-) for the days until the doc visit. Did I plan well for the scanxeity or what?!?!

I've promised myself not to worry, not to question and not to think "what next". We are simply living IN THE MOMENT over these next days. So, I won't be logging in (not that ya'll would miss me) for a little while but I take with me a sense of comfort that you're keeping us in your prayers and good thoughts ... and I bid blessings to each of you.

All the best,


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Wow, I can think of no better way to wait out the scan results, at the beach! I wish my family and I could do that every 4 months! Enjoy your beach trip and fingers crossed and many prayers. My sister is also 3b and is doing outstanding - here's to your mother doing the same!

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Thanks Cat! I would like nothing better than Mom to be doing as well as your Sister!! Great to hear that she is doing well; a blessing!

Randy, there will be some frosty beverages for sure and that new Zac Brown song "Toes" (don't know if you listen to country music) blaring on the ipod. It's the official song of Beach Week '09 (a 6 year tradition now).


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