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Tuesday's Air


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MORNING ALL! Sorry for shouting. I'm still trying to wake myself up. Took a little cap nap on the couch last night and then couldn't get back to sleep when I went to bed. Didn't get up til eight. It's only 53 at 9 am but it seems to be warming up here. I think that's because Stan is better at warming the house up than I. It's 77 in here right now. I think all he does that I didn't do is light off his "mega burner" on the the stove. Anyway it's toasty.

Off to Cancer Center this morning for finger prick. Just a minor annoyance. I didn't have to have weekly blood tests at MDA. It means getting ready and running to town. Sitting around waiting up to 45 min then having to come back home and go back again for my 5 pm group. Just a little aggravating when it happens every week.

Think of something positive lol. Got to call Wendy. She had the stints taken out of her kidneys yesterday. It was a local anesthesia in the dr ofc and I hope it will make her more comfortable.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Good morning, Judy! Good morning, everyone!

It is 28 degrees here this morning, on its way to a high of 57, with sunny skies. That's more like our usual winter Texas weather.

I would have probably been debating about riding to work today, except that I won't be going to work today. It's scan day, and the VA makes it an all day sucker.

The Dallas VA Medical Center is over an hour away. When I get there, I'll first have blood taken. Then, because they do an abdominal as well as chest CT scan with contrast, I'll have to down a bunch of that nasty chalky stuff before my scan. What fun...

Have a great day, all!

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Bud, don't know how long you have to wait but we'll be waiting for the results with you. If you get a chance and haven't seen my last post on the Air yesterday, check it out. My husband had input to your materials question.

Good luck.

Judy in Key West

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Bud, I'm saying prayers for great scans today!

Judy, have another cup of Joe and that'll help get you going. Hope Wendy is feeling better today. Please keep us updated.

Heidi, hope you have a great day today. I know you're glad yesterday's tests are over and that you have a plan in place.

Although it was only 33 when I pulled out of the driveway this morning, it's supposed to get up in the high 50's today and not be as cold tonight. By the weekend, we should be back up to 75 !!! Although I like the weather when it's a bit cooler, this has been crazy for Florida weather! By the time Becky makes it to Florida, it will be almost as warm as Hawaii....lol.

Hopefully, the Air will be lighter in the days to come, as Judy and I warm up. It seems all I have been talking about is the weather and this butt-kickin' cold that I have had. Although I'm still sniffling a little bit, I have to believe the worst of this is over.

So, now it's on to life as usual....whatever that may be!!!!

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Good morning all! It's a cool 40 degrees here so I'm all bundled up this morning with a nice hot cup of coffee.

Night before last I spent the night at some friends playing poker. I won $50 by the way, but it was such a late night. They brought be home around noon I guess and I was in bed by 2pm. I actually slept straight thru until 6am this morning. Guess my body was just plain worn out.

I didn't notice when I logged into FB that bad boy Randy got a big jump on my cafe rating.. Don't know how I can catch up. I keep asking myself, how can a man who works two jobs still get a jump on me? Bad Boy Randy!

Anyway, I've stopped taking most of of my meds. I think they were giving me to many. I had a long talk with myself about how many battles I've fought in my life med free and still managed. So, I'm going to work on that again. Only xanax I stay on....they help me sleep.....OBVIOUSLY! LOL

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Well - I woke up and went to the farm bright and early - got home at noon to discover my husband hadn't turned on the heat today - it is 60 degrees inside! So, an hour later I am still sitting here with my long down coat and wool scarf on! I think I will go shopping - the stores will be warmer!

Prayers are being said for great scans Bud!!

peace - Janet

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My followup appointment is next Wednesday, the 20th. Unless there's something so bad that they call me to make more appointments, I probably won't know anything until then. I feel fine and am going to consider myself cancer free until someone tells me different.

Judy, zinc has a melting point that's higher than I wanted, and isn't nearly as dense as lead. I'll be using molds intended for lead, so I need something that's close to being as heavy as lead, and with a not-too-high melting point.

It looks like I'll end up using a combination of bismuth and tin. They're both very non-toxic (two thirds of all bismuth manufactured is actually used in medical drugs). And bismuth is the closest in density to lead of any of the metals that have a low melting point (lead density = 11.35, bismuth density = 9.78, zinc density = 7.14). But, pure bismuth is so brittle that it will shatter if you drop it. Mixing it with tin helps that a lot, but adds new problems. Tin is so light that adding too much of it would lighten the bismuth too much, plus tin and bismuth combined have a very low melting point, just about too low. The best way to paint molded lures is with powder coat paint, but you need to cure it with heat, between 250 to 350 degrees. And that will melt a bismuth and tin alloy.

So you can see it gets complicated quick and I ended up researching a bunch. I could tell you the secret formula that I eventually came up with ...........................but then I'd have to kill you. tongue.gif

Or maybe you can run the store while I make the lures...

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Bud, sounds complicated but fascinating. Guess I've been married to a guy that is a fisherman and something of a metalurgist for too long lol. He's worked in the foundry industry for more than forty years servicing equipment used for melting metals. I think you have a really good idea going there. I'll read your post to him tomorrow.

Mike, what about wooden dimes, are they o.k.??? lol

Randy bummer on that 2nd job. You had such hopes for it. Better luck on the next one.

Heidi, I always find I've missed a big chunk of the conversation when I read your posts on fb. I'm catching up just now. So you're having surgery? I need to go on your wall and read.

Ann, I hope it warms up soon. A group of ladies from my neighborhood are supposed to eat outside at Geiger Key Marina Thursday. And the cold is beginning to make me really cranky. And when Judy gets cranky, that's just not good.

Michelle, I'm glad you got out for a good time and then got a good sleep. I think stopping taking all the med is a good idea. If you have to add any back, you can do it gradually to see what works for you. Problem is a lot of those kind of meds take a month to give the intended effect.

Janet, you poor thing. I'm sure you came back from the farm cold, and then to a cold house! Hope you've warmed up by now. It would serve your husband right if you spent more shopping than he saved turning the heat down lol.

Katie, I'm sure I read on fb that you said it was a good day today. So glad for you. Hope you have another one tomorrow.

Nite all.

Judy in Key West

Judy in Key West

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"jaminkw"]Bud, sounds complicated but fascinating. Guess I've been married to a guy that is a fisherman and something of a metalurgist for too long lol. He's worked in the foundry industry for more than forty years servicing equipment used for melting metals.


Wow, I didn't know that. The company I work for has a foundry in Dallas, but I try to stay as far away from it as possible.......LOL. I've been in machine shops almost 40 years, but it's always been about machining metal, not melting or molding it. Back in my tournament fishing days, I did very well on my homemade spinnerbait that I poured lead in a mold to make, and I also poured jigs and worm weights, but that's about the extent of my melted metal experience. Back in those days, everyone wanted my spinnerbaits, but hand made lures didn't bring the price then that they do now; everyone wanted me to make them cheap.

Fishermen like their lures in standard weights (1/16 oz, 1/8 oz, etc; the ones they're used to using), so if I use a less dense metal than lead, I'll need to modify the molds to bring the lures back to the standard weights.

Lead free baits, besides being less toxic to the environment, and indeed, the manufacturer, also seems like a nice little niche for someone hand crafting baits. We'll see...

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