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Shordy's Dad's mowing grass!!


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His first day home from rehab, he mowed grass,(riding lawnmower) then the next day he went to the lake, just nosing around as he said. I'm just so excited for his progress!! He'll have a week off from chemo, so he's going to eat everything in sight til that metalic taste comes back.

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You guys are the greatest!! I called him yesterday & asked him what he was going to be doing ( I was going to go see him) and he said that they were going to the lake. I asked him if he was going to fish, and he said "no, just nose around." That was so neat to hear, it was such a nice day yesterday. I asked him how the mowing went and he said "well, I just sat up there & mowed." I said "so, it wasn't no thang" and he laughed and said "no, it wasn't no thang!" That was so funny. I'll keep you updated and hope I'll always have something good to tell you. But I'm still trying to get over my "sweatshirt" incident!! Love you all, Shordy...p.s. Don, Daddy's into anything he's big enough to do :lol: Things he dreaded doing before, now he's just glad he CAN do them and I even feel the same way now.

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Thanks you guys! I'm going down tomorrow & I'm cooking a big meal for him & my Stepmom. Hope to be able to feed him everything before the chemo starts again. Hopefully after he eats my cooking I'll still have good news to report! (I'm not a very good cook) I'm only cooking on one condition, he has to lie about it if he doesn't like it!!! This picture was taken right before his retirement in his welding shop. Yep, he's grundgy looking, but a hard worker. Actually, I look sorta grundgy looking also! Like Father, like Daughter. Love you all and thanks for the support.

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WOW Shordy; what a great message :lol:

I can really identify with your dad, had a happy moment when I read about cutting the grass. I remember being 3 weeks out of the hospital after they took my left lung and doing the same thing. My wife was in shock, I had 75 ft. of plastic tubing strung from the ox. machine over the deck out into the yard where I was doing the weed wacken on my front lawn. My wife said why the ------ are you doing that, My answer " CAUSE I CAN " :lol:

Keep doing what your doing, Shordy

God bless & be well

Bobmc - NSCLC- stage IIB- left pneumonectomy - 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today "

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I'm so glad that your father is getting back to the things that he likes to do! I love the picture! My daddy and I owned a blueberry farm and we would work on it together.. we got really close out there working on the land. I hope there are many more great days of yard work in the future!


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