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Tuesday's Air


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I'm never here early enough to open the window and let "Air" in but today is an exception, so I'm glad to give Judy a hand today.

I have some good news that I want to share. I have a new grand dog!!! Or maybe I should say a new grand puppy! As most of you know, my son had his faithful companion for many years, Dumas Walker, euthanized three weeks ago today. Normally, getting another dog is something they would have waited on but this was hard, as Ella and Jude seemed to be lost without Dumas. So, my son found an adorable little pound puppy yesterday. He's about 16 weeks old and is a yellow lab/??? mix. Ella is determined to name him Harper, after the author of her favorite book. Harper was rescued from an overcrowded shelter in Alabama and brought to our shelter. He's lived all of his little life in a shelter but he has settled right into home life with a loving family! So, I know that Dumas Walker is smiling down from doggie heaven and is very happy that his "kids" have a playmate to watch over them.

God is good.........

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54 here in NTX today along with sunshine and a bit of a breeze. Looks like we are gonna get to dry out here for the next two days and have highs in the upper 70's. Then on Thursday it's back to clouds and the possibilities of rain.

Think I will try and get the car washed while the sun shines and the temps are higher than normal. That way we can do it ourselves instead of spending money to get it done.

Hope you all have a great day.


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Good morning, everyone!

The streets were still wet in many places from last night's storms, but like Dawn said, it's clear today and bound for the upper 70's, so I rode to work.

A new puppy, Ann? That's too cool. We're getting one too, just about the time Rose finishes chemo.

Have a great day, all!

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Congratulations on the new puppy — and congratulations to Harper for making a wise choice of family. Dogs are SO cool, better than people most of the time.

It's down the hill in a couple of hours to make another try at Navelbine. My WBC should be okay now, and I'm feeling really good — or will be for a while...


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Pound puppies Rock!!!! I wont trade mine for anything because she has kept me straight for about almost 3 years now!!!

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