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So I saw the Rheumatoid doctor yesterday. Good news again: no arthritis, no connective tissue disease, no auto immune disease. and no answers on these spasms. *sigh* Next doctor in line is a neurologist. Waiting for the phone call to schedule that. The Rheumatoid doctor really felt that the neurologist will be able to get to the bottom of this. I just don't know. Have seen so many doctors now.

He did take me off the Klonopin, and asked me to try Xanax instead. He said Xanax has more muscle relaxant properties. He wants me to take 1 mg 3 times a day, which seems like a lot. I took .5 mg this morning, and will try that dose first, as I really don't want to feel like a zombie on this medication. If it helps, I will be very excited!

So onward and upward....still working hard on keeping a positive attitude because I know getting depressed about this is not going to help. So I am POSITIVE that the neurologist will get to the bottom of it. Yeppers!!!!

Hope you all have a nice 3 day weekend!

Judy in MI

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I only take the Xanax around scanxiety time - but I work full time and only felt "out" of it right after I was diagnosed with cancer last year. The amount you are taking is minimal - it's good that they are breaking it up over the day - so I'd bet that it won't be a few days and you'll be used to it - and if it helps . . . so much the better!


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Hi Judy,

Good to hear some progress being made by the doctors,really hope the Xanax gives you the relief you have been searching for,dont want to nag you but if the doctor says 1mg three times a day,thats what you take,lets worry about side effects later.Have a super bank holiday weekend.

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Judy - keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the neurologist can give you some answers and that the Xanax takes away the spasms. It isn't always easy to stay positive, but it seems as though you are trying really hard to get back to positive when you are feeling down.

Enjoy the 3 day weekend ... jealous here in Canada! (but I guess we did get ours last week - camping in the snow-joy :) )



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Good luck with your neurologist.. I hope he has some answers for you. You certainly deserve some!

The zanax should help you feel better. Don't be afraid to take it, as it is only temporary... but you need it now so listen to your doctor...


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Well, as I wrote before, I now have an appointment with the neurologist in two weeks. The Xanax has helped somewhat, but I think it's more about lessening the anxiety of the spasms, than any relief of them. I suppose if I listened to some of you, I would take the full dose and just rest and allow the medication to sedate me. But I just am not that way. I'd rather be busy, and try to work through it than sit and be a zombie which is what I'd be if I took the dose he recommended.

The past couple of days have really challenged me. I refuse to lay in bed or on the couch and give up. I will get up, get going, and do things in my day, and if the spasms attack, so be it. Today was a rough day. Lots and lots of spasms, and it is just so puzzling. They travel all over the body, hands and feet, for no apparent reason. *sigh* Yesterday I was at a board meeting for Gilda's club, and all of a sudden I got an attack that took my breath away. I couldn't get up and try to get out of the room, all bent over and cramped. Fortunately hubby knows when they attack now, and he just gently rubbed my back and ribs as unobtrusively as possible. The Gilda's folks know what I'm going through, and they were creeping up and asking if they could help, which of course they can't! But I appreciated their care and concern.

So let's focus on good stuff. We found a fantastic paddle boat on E-Bay, got it for a third of the price of ones we priced at boat stores. We took her out the other night for her maiden voyage, and it was amazing. So beautiful to paddle around our little lake, watch the birds, the wild life and the water life. Love it so much.

And we are getting a puppy on friday. She is six months old. She is a labradoodle, and her new name is Olive. I will work with her for 3 weeks and get her used to the other pets and the home and yard. Then I will have a professional come in and train her on electric fence and boundaries. We live on 10 acres, and I want her to be able to enjoy them without worrying about her running away. So that is happy news, and I am very excited to have my new baby come home!

Thanks for all your support, and comments. It does help. I can feel your caring hearts and man it's nice to see.


Judy in MI

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