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A Punctate 1-mm Nodule Found


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I didn't think that my recent scans would be a conversation here, but the fact is...they show a punctate 1 mm nodule in the posterior lower section of the right lower lobe of the lung.

In the part of the report that numbers the findings, the nodule is described as 2 mm.

It mentions that it was not previously imaged. The last imaging done was April 21, 2010, for an angiogram (neck and upper chest). Do they mean that the particular area of the lung was not previously imaged, or do they mean that the area was imaged, but the nodule wasn't evident?

Life is never what we expect, or so it seems. Here I sent a note to dear Katie that so much was going on medically in the family (both sons have developed serious back issues) and my own recent issues.

Never thought I would be here (my oasis for so long) this quickly discussing a lung nodule, and what it might mean.

(I will call the doctor on Monday when he will be in the office.)

In the interim, I knew you would give input from all of your collective experiences. Who would I ask to get the best advice - you, naturally. : )

My sister suggested that they might do a PET - or - is this a case of "watching and waiting"?

Love to have any input that you guys can offer. I am not freaked out, but I am converned, of course.

....and here I thought my main concerns centered around vascular issues. Go figure. Oh well....

Love and thanks to you all.


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Barbara - I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this right now.

"not previously imaged" just means that it hasn't been described before on any image you've had. Now maybe that could mean that a previous scan didn't even include that area, but I think it more likely means that the previous scans didn't see this.

1-2 mm is very small. It isn't likely they would do a PET as even in a cancer that small, the likelihood of enough active cells being detected by an increased SUV is very small. Something that size they would likely schedule you for follow up CTs over the next couple years, and if it doesn't change, then it is something benign. And I do believe that statistically speaking, the odds are great that it is something benign. But I can totally understand your worries.

I hope your doctor on Monday tells you that this is nothing to worry about and come on back in 6 months for another CT to confirm that.

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Hello dear one,

I second that - too too small to trouble your mind, though of course it will. This is the problem with trying to use scans for early detection - they will show things that may never become anything, but you will worry, and perhaps, have unnecessary interventions. For comparison, I've got a 7 mm nodule on the left side that was there from the beginning, and is still there and stable even after chemo and Tarceva. Evidently, it's something else. I'll keep an eye on it, but will let it be.


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Yes, I concur with what you've both said. :D Of course I do. I like the answers.

Many times, small nodules are nothing. Somehow, the way things have been occurring since Bill's death, it was just one more "thing."

My friends here, whom I count on, always come and say something intelligent. This makes me realize that it is very important for me to stay in the loop here, regardless of how much is on the plate at any one time. If I don't make time for this place - then where?

People need responses. They calm and soothe. I am only one of many. I should know better - having been seeking support for so very, very long.

Thank you both for the input. I just came in from clipping the hedges, and feel really good now - albeit, a little sunburned.

I'll be back to read some posts later - after doing inside chores. Moving about keeps me less stressed. Keeping busy keeps negative to a minimum.



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Sorry to hear that you have a nodule to be concerned about. I don't know if you remember but I had a nodule that did not light up on my first PET but did a few months later on my second PET. My surgeon would not do surgery without knowing for sure what it was. I had to have a biopsy on it and it turned out to be scar tissue. Just want to let you know not to worry to much because we have nodules that are not at all cancer related. Hope this helps. Take care.


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Barbara, Barbara, Barbara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here you are, and how sorry I am. I've been thinking/wondering/and being concerned over your vascular issues. Here's my 2 pennies' worth.

In the summer of 2005 Fred had a spiral CT done just to rule out any LC. I was in the midst of trying to survive and we thought a 'good' scan would ease our minds as to the shape he was in. To our surprise and chagrin ~ he was dx with a couple of nodules in more than one lobe. The protocol called for another scan in 3 months and then another 6 months later and then a year and then 2 years. I didn't like that at all, but my WONDERFUL NIH doc concurred, so that was it. Long story to get to here ~ there has been NO change in all this time. There they are doing NOTHING. 2mm is way too small for a PET. So the 'www' mode takes over - watch, wait and WORRY. Please don't worry yourself sick over it. As has been explained to me, most all of us would have a nodule or so if someone set out to look for it. But I know it's easier said than done to not worry.

We will all do the worrying for you so you can tend to your vascular issues and your boys. Does this even make sense - glad to see you but not glad at the same time? Love to you always.


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Barbara, I am so sorry for this recent development. It's just not fair that you should have gone thru what you did with Bill and then have to worry about yourself like this. Truth is, no one can rub elbows intimately with lung cancer, or any type cancer for that matter, and not be initially terrified at the slightest indication that it is a possibility for them. I like the idea of the WWW mode and over time, the third worry will become lower case as the situation continues to be a non-event.

You have been there for so many. We are sorry you need us now in this manner but more than happy to be there for you. Keep us posted.

Judy in KW

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Not to worry Barb...(I know that's easy to say) but like all the previous posts that is so true. People get nodules with age, means nothing. Yours is so tiny, they will just watch it... but it is very common and is not cancerous..

I hope you are feeling better now that you read all the posts... you will be fine Barb, not to worry.


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Worrying won't do any good, so just follow up with your Doctor, and do what he says. That is a very tiny nodule, and I agree with the others, it's not likely to Light up in a PET scan. It could be scar tissue or something very benign. And if it's not? Well, let's not worry about that right now because the chances of it being nothing to worry about are really good.

Judy in MI

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We are always here for you- always.

I can add to the rest of the great advice that the nodule is very small, that most doctors I've seen have ordered the "wait and watch" treatment which consists of scans every 3-4 months or so.

I've known of many people who've had their nodules for years and years with no, or slight, fluctuation.

I even know one person whos doctor ordered a biopsy because she did have lung cancer years before- it was invasive and painful- and her nodule turned out to be benign.

I'm adapting "Joppette"'s chant of "the glass is half full" here and just sending along my love, my prayers and my support for you.

Please keep us posted on your next steps.


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Carol, Kasey, Judy in KW, Maryanne, Judy in MI, Katie,

My life has been so full of cancer these many years. Your postings in reply to my concern over a nodule has been a giant blessing.

I knew full well that people have nodules. My Dad had one years ago and never came to anything, but what you did for me, here - at this special place - calmed the waters - immeasurably for me.

You are all - and this is no lie - in my daily thoughts and prayers. Somehow, when I met you all over the years you became very special to me.

Even if this nodule were to expand, and become a problem - I would still have a lot more courage because of you.

Thank you, my dear friends, and that word friend is not lightly given. You all - and even those of you who have read, but did not reply - are in that spiritual rooting team.

Thank you all, so very much.


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Just reading this post Barbara.. Just wanted you to know that I think of you often. I know GOD has great plans for you.. Don't fret ...the pet will show that its benign... My mom has a granuloma in her bottom right lobe that they continue to "watch". Stressful on her because "like you said" it seems there is one thing after another. I am so thankful that you are staying on top of all of the medical issues that you have been dealing with.. You will overcome!! Take care my friend!! xoxo


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Barbara -

Am late seeing this post - but totally agree with what everyone has already said that the nodule is almost certainly nothing to worry about at this point. Easy to say I know.

You said that it was "just one more thing" in a long list of things you have had to deal with, and that I understand. It seems like those are the things which quite often would normally not be quite so big - but when bunched together with so many other things can sometimes just seem like too much. I hope you are feeling better about things by now.

I have missed your posts, so although I am not happy you have any reason to be back here posting, but am glad you are.

Will be keeping you in my prayers.


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Sorry to read this, Barbara. Of course, what the others have said is true. It's a very small module. But those of us who are here, of all people, are certainly entitled to worry about even small nodules. I'm sending positive thoughts that it won't be anything serious for a long time.

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Jamie, Diane and Bud,

Your replies have been a "relaxer" for me.

I am so calm now that I am going to wait to see the doctor on the 28th. Calling him now would be absolutely overkill. :roll:

Releasing my concerns has given me a vent. You are the ones, after all, who have "been there" many times for me in the past. It is as I've often noted - you are family.

Thank you for the support. It has been a gift.


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