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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! Still breezy outside and 83 degrees. Stan checked the weather and it doesn't seem it will be fishing weather all week.

I made the mistake of saying if we pushed what needs to be done, we might be able to leave a day earlier next week. That would give Stan more time to drive to OH. Now I'm stressed. Should learn to keep my big mouth shut. We're going to be gone for at least six weeks so I'd better get cracking. Have chemo today and company for dinner tomorrow night. What fun lol.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Cloudy and warm to-day,but it is a special day for me,sorry youre not at my end of this message,to see the difference in my posting station,after four years of the construction process,I have finally moved into the new build and my spanking new office,Ned had the priviledge?of receiving my first two emails,and now its your turn,moving all the files is ongoing,but I now feel established.College closes down to acedemic staff this Friday,so its a bit of winding down now,still have outstanding paperwork to do yet,need Rhodas assistance,but shes off until to-morrow.Staff bar-b-cue,starts at 4pm this afternoon,I forgot all about it and brought the car in,have a choice of participating in a wee dram or two,and taking a train home,or missing the drams and driving home,oh decisions,decisions.

Got an email this morning,from the chinese org informing me I was unsuccessful at the last hurdle in being selected for the trip,1500 applicants were whittled down to twenty,but they said their programme runs for five years so I may have another oppertunity,oh well back to the drawing board,thinking about going back to Sorrento,to visit Pomepii again ,there has been a lot more excavations done since I was last there,and also visit Naples museum this time to see all the Pompeii artefacts I never knew about,until after I had returned home.

Going to squeeze in a look at the game this afternoon also,come away America -yeah !!!

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 78 degrees as I rode to work this morning. I just looked at the 10 day forecast and there's nothing under 95 degrees.

Good luck with your chemo, Judy. Enjoy your game, Eric. Not much happening here.

Have a great day, all!

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Gorgeous pic Eric. I'll have to snap one of down my canal and post it. Equally beautiful but different lol.

So sorry about not making the final cut for the trip to China. You have my deepest sympathy in what would have been profound jealousy. Seriously, how disappointing is that!

Judy in KW

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Hi all!

84 here, high humidity. More big storms last night, and possibility of more today and tomorrow. It's extremely windy, so I think something is blowing in.

Today was fun! I took Olive in for her first grooming. We've only had her a week, but she had this very long hair and she looked like a puff ball. What a surprise when I went to pick her up! I'll post pics once hubs gets home and teaches me how to put them on my laptop. I can't find the place where you insert the photocard!!! It is the one technology thing that challenges me. I'm pretty adept at a lot of computer stuff, but not pictures. I'll learn! Anyway, the surprise is she looks like a little girl now, and a poodle! Hubs will be very surprised, and most likely won't let me get her cut like this again. He likes the LAB in the LABradoodle! LOL!

Anyway, all is good here.

Judy in MI

Don't know if I posted a picture of her here or not. This is her before the hair cut.


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Good Evening Everyone ,

I sent this pic to Ned,to post to Bud since I didnt have the skills to send it online myself,thanks Ned how can I repay you?I have a feeling Bud would love to be on the end of this rod and maybe God willing he will be someday.The pic is of the Lake of Monteith,where some of the staff went on Monday for their Shaw day,the college encourage everyone on the staff to attend something sport related,for one day each year,we chose fishing.The Lake of Monteith is the only Lake in Scotland,since all the others are called Lochs?,in winter this Lake is used for curling competitions. It is a beautiful spot in Scotland,but hey,its only one of the many,as future pics I will send in will confirm,not to distract from the fact,I am sure that America has many areas of outstanding natural beauty to match or even surpass.

I did post earlier,describing a quandry,whither I should stay for the bar-b-que and have a wee dram and take the train home,or stay dry and drive home,I must confess,I decided to partake in having one or two Whyte and MacKays with American ginger ale and take the train home as the best option.

Wasnt it great that America won their section and are through to the last 16 nations?long may they continue through the remaining stages.See you to-morrow,pleasent dreams.

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