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RE-Wednesdays Air

eric byrne

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Hi Guys

OOOps,seems I have mistakenly posted this mornings air in Members Photo Album.Gosh really sorry for the inconvience,need to watch I dont do that one again.

Good Morning Everone,

Another fine sunny morning here,looks like another hot day-whoopee,ok I do get a bit overexcited about sunny days in Scotland,these days are cherished here,we are not Florida or Texis you know.Do you know my lawn is starting to turn brown? now with our normal rain fall,this is pretty rare.

Spent the day in the front garden yesterday,mowing the lawn,,went to B&Q and bought some plants for my borders,then hosed the lawn,the gardens now looking "Braw" as we say in Scotland.

Sallys downstairs busing herself with the housework,we are putting in a wee bit extra effort into making the house looking a bit more presentable,since Ross our minister,after Sunday service, requested a home visit,on Wednesday if suitable,time to be arranged,so time to look out the best crockery and biccies.

My daughter Jennifer is going to Edinburgh this afternoon for a part time teaching job-teaching English as a second language(I have just recently paid £1000 for her to obtain a post grad diploma to qualify her for this type of work)despite her already having a MA in English Literature,(god knows how much that one cost me?)oh the joys of parenthood.She is unemployed at the moment following the end of her course,or in her thespian parlance "resting".She phoned last night to say she will pay us a visit following her interview,got a feeling I am going to be a few pounds lighter after she leaves and I am not talking weight here.I am looking forward to seeing her,she is a great kid,hope her timing dosnt clash with Ross.

Hi Donny,great to hear from you,would love to meet,and have a duet or two on guitars.Hey whats all this unwell stuff?really sorry to hear this,seems its going on longer than I would have expected?whats causing this?sorry I may have missed one of your postings,where you have given an explaination?what ever the cause, I wish, you a full and speedy recovery, my friend.

Have a great day everyone,whatever you are doing.

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Morning All! 84 degrees in PSL. Don't know what the high was yesterday but it didn't feel as hot as it has been in KW. It oftentimes is. Trying not to do an all or nothing thing with the Air so I may be here today, gone tomorrow lol.

Sent the kid home with his Mom last night since she doesn't work today. Had a long day/night Monday. Ended up 20 hrs then 4 hrs sleep so I needed a catch-up big time. Slept twelve hours last night. Now I'm good to go to the mall lol.

Stan left yesterday and I'll have Dom with me tonight and tomorrow night when his mom works. She's off the weekend and nights will depend on how much sleep I get. He's a great kid but a problem sleeper and gets anxious if he's up late by himself. I tried to stay awake for him the other night then wound up not being able to get to sleep long after he was. Too funny but not really.

Am tidying up the coach this morning in prep for being out most of the day. Hope with just Dom and I it will stay a bit nice. I have crates of office work to do and need things orderly to tackle it in this small space. Will only do what is time-critical while I'm here. The rest can wait til we're on the road. Told everyone we'd not be back to KW til mid Aug. Then for no reason, thinking of nothing it dawned on me I'd done that and in fact we'll be back the last week of July. Hate it when I do that. I makes me worry about what chemo is doing to my brain!!!! Or old age???????

Since Dom's not here, I'm getting to use my new computer. It's really touchy but something cool just happened. I lost my post and nearly panicked again--kept my head and look around. Clicked something on left-bottom bar and there it was for me to select. Now I have to go find out what it was lol. I love new technology.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Port St Lucie

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Good morning, everyone!

I did this once already, but it ate my post after making me confirm that I still wanted to post it since Judy had posted after I started. Sheesh. I'm copying to the clipboard this time before I post.

It was 71 degrees with a light north wind as I rode to work this morning. The streets were still wet in places from last night's rain. Forecast high for today is 86 degrees, with a rare summertime front keeping it a bit cooler than usual. We still have a 30 percent chance of rain, but nothing is showing up so far.

Eric, I did that same thing when I accidentally posted my story in Introduce Yourself instead of My Story. Ned was kind enough to move it for me. Donny, I hope you're feeling better today. Glad you found time to stop by today, Judy.

Have a great day, all!

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Good morning all!

Ah, a nice chilly morning here! Got into the 50's last night. Love it. Windows open, hearing the birds chirp. Lovely. Supposed to get to 75 today. Love these cool days that insert themselves intermittently through out the hot summers.

Well, I got my new Nissan Murano today. It's beautiful. Did discover some features that were on my Infinity that are not on the Nissan . No complaints though. Still a beautiful vehicle. Need to call Infinity and find out what the "turn back in" process is for my car that the lease is ending on.

I have a nice, (needed) slow day today. No real things I need to get done. That is nice. New medication is making me sleepy, and am hoping after a few days that side effect will go away.

Eric, had to go to Google to look up crockery and biccies, had no clue what you were talking about. LOL! Dishes and biscuits! Who would have known. Your minister is in for a treat!

Judy, I can totally relate to the chemo brain. It still is not back to what it was, doubt it will ever return.

Judy in MI

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Good morning everyone. I hope you all have a nice day. Judy,I hope you enjoy your trip. Im not much of a traveler myself. Exspecially if it involves big cities. Growing up in small town Midwest, city driving makes me a bundle of nerves. I grip the steering wheel so tight my palms are sweating and I always make sure the radio is shut off. I also prefer if anyone else in the car keeps their mouth shut unless its really important. Dont need any distractions when Im in my parnoia,neurotic state of mind.

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Mike, I'm with you. I am a wreck driving in a city--especially one I'm unfamiliar with. Stan is in the business of servicing furnaces that melt metal in foundaries. No chance in getting to a city. In fact, I often complain that I'm in bum-#uck Egypt lol. I concentrate on watching birds.

Judy in PSL

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Good Evening Everyone,

Yes its me again,sorry,thanks Randy for sorting out my little error,goodness knows how you managed it,hope you arent working too hard.Judy,I am sure jealous of you managing to sleep for 12 hours!!think we sould enter you for the next olympics,now thats what I call a sport,we will just ignore Bud,and his 200 mile weekend cycle runs,what a hero he is to me.

Judy MI you really are funny,imagine going to the bother of looking up crockery and biccies,but well done you,I did think crockery was in common use in America? knew that biccies might throw you a bit,should have said cookies,-right?.

Jennifer arrived late this afternoon as planned,interview went well,though she wouldnt take the job if offered,due to two hours travelling/day, and £75/week train fares,lesson prep on her own time unpaid, say 3 hours/day,didnt make the hourly rate of £11.40 seem very attractive.The interviewer phoned later to offer her the job,which Jennifer did turn down.However they did have their main base in Glasgow,and they would keep her details onfile if anything turned up there.Jennifer did tell her if the job was in Glasgow,she would have accepted.Yes I am a few pounds lighter,wont say how much exactly,but it is for a good cause,isnt it?

Seems Ross left a message on the ansaphone when we were out and we missed his request time for the visit,we will re-schedule for Friday.

My neighbour John,visited to tell me about a live broadcast in two Glasgow cinemas,from Masstrich?by Andre Rieu,so I have booked two tickets for the end of July.John is a great fan,and he introduced his music to me about a year ago,since then I have been buying every DVD of his I can lay my hands on.I was going to book a couple of tickets of his current UK tour but for a good seat I wasnt prepared to pay £400 per seat.John was visiting his sister in Australia last year and by co-incidence Andre was on tour there ,by the time John tried to book there were only VIP tickets left,so John bought two,when I asked how much they cost,he embarressingly replied £900 each.(John lost his wife Patricia last year to breast cancer) so I said John why not?Dont know if you have heard of Andre,but if there is a heaven I bet he has a booking for eternity there.I have a friend who considers himself a classical music expert,loves Mozart,who dosnt?but he is a bit sniffy about Andre,ignore him Andre is just brilliant in my book,Google him,see what you think.Goodnight everyone, pleasent dreams.

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