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Wednesdays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Just-Its 11.57am here.Another day as yesterday,overcast no sun but dry and warm,pardon me if just write Ditto if to-morrow is the same.Just noticing recently in the posts from Bud and JudyMI,that my perception of the summer weather in the States has somewhat changed,I used to think all you guys got sunny and hot,but like the popular common misconceptions like bison and buffalos,I thought that Texas got regular rainfall like 2 days per year.By the way still reading my book.Who was the first president of the USA?thats right,Peyton Randolph-who?How many states are there in the USA,Technically there are only 46,Virginia,Kentucky,Pennsylvania and Massachusetts are all officially Commonwealths,but you knew that didnt you.How about Stawberries arent berries and coffee isnt made from beans?The book goes on and on,oh boy I never realised just how ignorant I am.

Just dropped Sally off at her work,its her first day back after six months,shes feeling really nervous about it.Her parting words to me were,when you go back up the road,dont you dare go back on that computer,see another misconception, its a laptop(wouldnt dare correcting her)get on with painting the bedroom ceiling and paint all the woodwork,I want to see progress when I come back home.Och well a wee five minutes out wont do any harm,will it?and I can always say I posted Wednesdays Air late on Tuesday night.

Donnie,of course you have years of good health in front of you,I have signed you up for a guitar and song duet with me,as part of my Great North American Tour when I retire in June 2014,maybe we could record a CD,we would need a good title,how about Donny and Eric do America?So get yourself into shape and keep practicing them chords.

sigh-oh well, where did I put these paint brushes and rollers?See you later guys

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Who was the first president of the USA?thats right,Peyton Randolph-who?How many states are there in the USA,Technically there are only 46,Virginia,Kentucky,Pennsylvania and Massachusetts are all officially Commonwealths,but you knew that didnt you.How about Stawberries arent berries and coffee isnt made from beans?

No Eric, I didn't know any of that lol. If you keep this up, I'll have to get that book myself.

Not a happy camper. Was up at 5 am. It may have something to do with the fact that we are back in civilization and have cable TV. Stan gets up with the chickens and puts the TV on. It's not terribly loud but the coach is only forty feet end to end.

Promises to be a hot day in So FL. We've been going thru tons of mail here already with more waiting at home. I really look forward to straightening out my Social Security, Medicare and RX plan mess. Before I left, I did a telephone process to change which account my SS was deposited to. I come home to a letter saying I withdrew from SS and that my Medicare and RX are overdue because they had been withdrawn monthly from my SS deposit. Oh dear, what a mess this is.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in Port St Lucie

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Mornin, been up since 4:00, sweety went outside to find her car had been gone through overnight, nothin of importance was taken. Mainly it was just rifled.

I had recently learned those things Eric, except the 1st president. I watch history channel most of the time and they teach me alot of interesting facts that nobody really needs to know. For example that the great dustbowl of the 1930s was a manmade disaster not a weather catastrophy. Seems Woodrow Wilson was largely to blame for that one.

Anywho I've strung together several days of feeling pretty okay and for me that's a big plus. Sure, I still can't breathe worth a dang and I cough a heck of a lot but at least I'm awake and feel like getting out of bed.

Time to get a day on, specially since it's only gonna get to 85 or 90 again today, that's plenty hot enough for me, I like the 70s just fine but them 90s and 100s are just too much.

Later friends.


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 76 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 89, and they've upped the chance of rain to 50 percent. Hopefully, that rain won't be showing up at the time I'm riding home.

Eric, it usually is just dry and hot in the summer here, but not always. It varies a lot. Some summers, we get 40 days over 100 degrees, other summers, we get none. And some years, summers are a lot more humid and we get rain often. This seems to be one of those.

Oh, and Eric, that old Roger Miller song just wouldn't sound as good if he had called it, "You can't rollerskate in a bison herd."

Have a great day, all!

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Hi Bud,

Thanks for the weather feedback,dont know if I have mentioned before,but up until my dx,my major hobby was musical theatre,used to sing 1st tenor,no we are not all Pavarottis,now probably second tenor.I sang with the Airdrie and Coatbridge Amateur Operatic Sociery and also the concert party travelling round venues drumming up interest in our once a year show,in the Airdrie town hall.Credits Fiddler on the Roof.42nd Street,Call me Madam,Hello Dolly,Hms Pinfore etc.

Two years now I have been away,starts up in September,just a wee bit difficult for me to go back?How did I get into this line of thought,your fault Bud mentioning that Rodger Millar song, almost instantly a song from a show I did,came into my head "Shuffle off to Buffalo" lets see "Shuffle off to Bison" think you are right Bud, best leave things the way they are.OK Ive left the painting, to come on board again,Look I have painted the ceiling and because of the colour difference I am just waiting for the first coat to dry before I attempt the second,at least thats what I will tell Sally.

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Love the song, Bud...can't change film with a kid on your back...

But you can be happy if you've a mind to

All ya gotta do is put your mind to it

Knuckle down, buckle down, do it, do it, do it

Pre-Yoopers fun. Judy in MI should know who Da Yoopers are, cult classics around the state.

Productive day here, back from the dentist with the boy, both of us with sparkling fangs and an appointment yet this afternoon. Gotta stay awake. Insomnia and early mornings do not pair well!

Wonder if I can fit in a quick nap before the next trip out. Yawning my head off, and the way my mind is working, if that thing isn't attached, I'm going to lose it!

Take care all, enjoy the day.

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Funny the way our minds work. My Roger Miller reference got Eric thinking about music. For me, right after I posted it, I remembered what Roger Miller died of, on October 25th, 1992. Check his Wikipedia page here.

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Great read on the dust bowl is Timothy Egan's "The Worst Hard Time". It drags a bit here and there, but overall, a very good story teller.

Overcast today - if it stays this way, maybe I'll get to the Farmer's Market this afternoon. First, I'm off to Qi Gong. This evening we are going to a book signing of a acquaintance of M's. Seattle's best bookstore moved this spring and neither of us have seen the new place, so that's another incentive.

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Hi All!

Wow, I missed a lot today. Lots of good stories, news, music, and memories. You guys are just the best. Eric, I didn't know any of the stuff you said about the USA!!!!! Wow, I 'm going to get that book.

Sorry to say I do know who Da Yoopers are Becky. LOL

They actually are very funny. Our Upper Peninsula, quite the different world up there.

Donny, glad you are feeling a bit better. I'm with you, the 90's and 100's are not fun. I'm looking forward to Autumn, with cool nights and nice mild days. It's been a hot summer for us, but last year we only had like 2 days in the 90's. It was a cold summer, so not going to complain. Have enjoyed the warm days and sunshine.

Eric, I so look forward to reading about your antics every day. You make me laugh so much. I hope you know what a joy you are. Your wife will be fine with your "excuses". LOL!

Well, I worked on a 500 piece mailing today. 500 stamps, 500 envelopes to stuff, 500 letters to fold, 500 labels to afix. Whew! It was a big job. Fortunately some folks that happened in said "can I help?" Of course I said! We got it done. Nice.

Well it's 6:30PM here, and Hubs and I are heading out to meet some old friends for dinner. WE'll probably hit this lovely place in Rockford, that has a fabulous deck over looking the river. It's a gorgeous night, so it should be nice.

Judy in MI

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ya don't want to know when I got up and I am all too familiar with Yoopers as the old man was one in his childhood, and still is in heart and spirit!!!

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