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Started chemo


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Well, I started chemo Wednesday. I went in Monday and had a MRI of my brain, CT scan of my chest and abs, a bone scan and an EKG. Determined the cancer has not spread outside of my chest area (thank you God). I'm on low dose gemzar, taxol and avastin. Once a week for 3 weeks then one week off, for 6 cycles. The Doctor said he'll scan after 2 cycles (8 weeks) to see if there are any results. I'm on the 2nd day after chemo and really can't feel any side effects except I think I may be getting constipated so I got some metamucil. I will probably start feeling mild side effects as time goes by but the doc assures me he believes they will be mild and won't interfere with my daily life too much, but as usual with cancer there are no guarantees. I was a little hard to deceide on the clinical trial I think I made the right decision. I feel positive that I have a pretty good chance and am keeping upbeat. Please send me all the prayers, good vibes and good karma you can! :D

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Keep us posted and we can help with side effects and support as always and thank you for being a pioneer in LC Research!(((()))))

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Good Morning Steff,

Ive just got out of bed (7.30am)looked out the bedroom window to a lovely new sunny morning,hooray

its the weekend again,time for fun and games,isnt life great?.

Thought I would drop by briefly,see whats going on in the forums and found your latest posting,what a great read to start my day,your test results are absolutely brilliant,I am so pleased for you.Sorry I must have missed your news about going on a clinical trial,lucky you,all that attention and pampering you will be receiving,oooh I am so jealous,I didnt follow your treatment path,but if the doc says,side effects will be minimal then thats further good news isnt it?.

I wish you well for your continuing treatments,thanks for sharing,have a really great weekend.

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