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Friday's air....


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Arms are dying, bought a new game for the Wii - Just Dance 2. Guilted the boy into playing with me, great fun! Sad thing? Tina Turner's moves to "Proud Mary" almost killed me, and I've seen her dance it with the same energy at 60!

It's Friday! Bring on the weekend. Supposed to be nice weather here all weekend long. Traveling, so I'm sure happy with that news. Can't wait for the fun to begin!

C'mon you guys, wake up, you're burning up the hours of Friday! :lol:

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Good Morning All,

Weather ditto,although supposed to brighten up by lunch time.Becky I just love your enthusiasm in greeting the new day,but come on,its 9.30am here,goodness knows what your local time is,just one thing to say to you-get back to bed and get some shut eye.Oh another thing,you are not supposed to dance along with Tina Turner,you just sprawl out on the sofa,relax, and just admire her legs and stuff as she goes through her paces.

Just about to leave now and take Sally to her work,then freedom (Sally has been getting on my wick about the time I spend on the laptop recently,and ignoring her,rediculous,dont know where that has come from?)Anyway camera in hand,setting off for my Autumn photo shoot to Aberfoyle,hope to get some nice scenes.

Will get back to you all later,laptop is being threatened again with out the window,isnt life fun?have a great day everyone.

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Morning All! I wasn't quite awake yet (it was dark) when Stan called my attention to the week's weather on the TV. I do know it said NICE NICE NICE MILD MILD...and there were lots of two digit numbers started with an 8. Works for me.

Hey there, Miss Becky, you have yourself a great time, o.k. No worries or nothing lol. I LOVE Tina Turner. She along with Sher is the bomb.

Now Eric, you really do need to balance that computer time with your spouse. I try to be aware and sometimes succeed. My best approach is to go on the computer when he wants to watch something I don't on TV. I use the computer in my easy chair (recliner) on an Air Desk that hangs right over my chair so we can chat during commercials. If your spouse isn't a techie, it can be touchy.

On the subject of Rice Dream, Bud I've been using it for years. I was tested as having a true allergy to milk (different than lactose intolerance) and to soy. Big problem until I found rice milk. Never did drink milk but like cereal and oatmeal. Just wish more of their products were sold in KW. I know they make ice cream lol. Stan kept complaining about phelgm that appeared connected to his allergies. I pointed out he drank a big glass of milk and a dish of ice cream every day. I reminded him when the children were babies and got colds, the docs first thing was to take them off milk because it increased phelgm. He cut out the morning milk (certainly not the ice cream altho he's slowed down with it some) and seems much better.

No place to be today--whoopeee. Now I can get back to unpacking and catching up in the office.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone! TGIF!

It was 45 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 85. It was cool enough this morning that I wore leg warmers with my shorts for the first time this fall. I rode to work all five days this week. Today was my 135th ride to work of the year.

Dang, Bruce, that sounds like a serious accident. I hope you're healing well. That makes my trips to the pavement from the bicycle seem pretty minor. Note to self: Don't get on Bruce's horse.

Yes, KW Judy, I wish there were more Rice Dream products here, too. I'd try the ice cream. But at least Walmart carries the drink, so I don't have to go somewhere like Whole Foods (Whole Paycheck, I call it). They've just opened a new HEB nearby though, so Rose may start shopping there more than Walmart now. At least with rice milk, you can buy ahead. Unlike regular milk, it has a six month expiration date.

Have a great day, all!

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Yes....it's finally my favorite day of the week and I couldn't be in a better mood!!! Today is not only FRIDAY...it's a beautiful FRIDAY!! The weather is absolutely perfect here...just the kind of day the Chamber of Commerce would order as an enticement to get people to relocate to Florida. Our high today is supposed to be 77 at noon and then creep up to 82. Only 4 more hours until I can fly out this door and begin my weekend.

I am working on convincing myself to get in the attic tomorrow and drag out my Halloween decorations. This month begins my really hard time of the year. Dennis had a really rough October and November in 2002 and there's just always a feeling in the air that brings back a flood of memories of those days.

My grandaughter, Ella, will be 4 in November. I know some of you remember my excitement when I found out I was going to be a grandma. It's hard to believe that that beautiful little baby girl is going to be 4 years old! Where does time go? Dennis would have been the world's most doting grandpa. Both Ella and Jude would have had him wrapped tightly around their little fingers.

So....can anyone tell that I'm being melancholy today? I'm still in a wonderful mood...great day...just remembering and wishing I could turn back time!

Hope you all are all set for a great weekend and that you're all going to be doing something you truly love to do!

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Hi everyone. I just wanted to stop in and say hello. I'm afraid that I haven't been doing very well at keeping up with everyone on here. I was very sorry to hear of the passing of Sues dad.

Plans for my trip are all made and now it is just a matter of waiting til November 1st. I always seem to keep busy so I guess that is both a good and bad thing.

I always promise myself that I will save more time for the board but it never seems to work out that way. I always volunteer for something and my time just flies away.

This time of year is never easy for me as most of you who have been here for a while know. Now a dear friend is loosing her husband and the similarities are hard for me to hear. I know that when I get to Louisiana I will need to visit her and hope that somehow I can find the words to help her at least a little. Sometimes I feel so helpless and then others people say I help so I am never really sure.

I just want all of you to know that even though I don't post much anymore that all of you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Have a great weekend everyone.

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Hi there! Was out the door at 8:00 this morning. We have a bible study and the building we are in is cold! So I got there an hour ahead of time and turned the heat up so we wouldn't freeze! It was about 45 this morning.

Went to a Herbal Life meeting this afternoon. Sounds like a good healthy product. May be checking it out more if the traditional medicine doctors fail yet once again. We'll see.

Not much happening this weekend. Have a surprise 60th bday party to go to tomorrow night for Hubs older brother's wife. His family is fun so we should enjoy that.

Other than that, not much going on. Becky, enjoy that trip! Lily, good to see you here. Ann, I understand your melancholy feelings. I despise the date of April 11. It was April 11 when my little sister was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, and 3 years later it was April 11 when my Dad flew to Mayo clinic due to a diagnosis of terminal brain cancer. The disease took both of them quickly. Still hate that date, 20 years after they died.

Have a good evening.

MI Judy

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