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Strike Two


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In 2007, I was a 47 year old female who had never smoked. Never been around 2nd hand smoke or had any history of cancer in my family whatsoever. I work in a government office. I was blessed that the NSCLC Adenocarcinoma was caught early. Underwent left upper lobectomy, removal of 2 lymph nodes, and 5 sessions of chemo. (carboplatin/taxotere) I thought I was done. I had the port removed and well on my way to my "normal other life". A little more than two years later (October 2009)...it was back. Once again, it was caught early...more surgery, more chemo, plus 33 radiation treatments. Wow what an ordeal. I continued to work full time through all the chemo and radiation treatments. I WILL win this battle. Does anyone after all the treatments still feel like there "not themselves?" I seem to tire more easily, don't have the energy I think I should or certainly feel like I have short term memory issues. How long does all this last? I have researched on the internet to know that you are still affected by these things, but what I couldn't find is it for the rest of my life? I pray everyday that they will find a cure to this dreadful disease.

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Hi Smitty. So sorry to hear you got hit with lung cancer twice. I don't see how you could have been "back to normal" from the first time, never mine getting it again. That surgery, chemo and radiation are powerful but they really wipe you out.

I have some lung cancer survivor friends that finally joined an exercise club to work out and build up our strength again, Have you tried that?

Keep us posted on how you are doing.

Donna G

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Hi Smitty,

I am sorry to here you went through round 2 of this dreaded disease. I was 43 when diagnosed with stage 3a. I am now at 3 1/2 years remission, and I can honestly say my life is not the same. I think physically it took about 2 years to fully recover (need to have a steady exercise plan to help get back in shape) and as far as the memory goes mine is not that great and is not what it use to be. I also felt that the more I rested the worse I felt. I think if you are only one year out from your treatments your body is still healing, exercise after work at least 4 times a week if not everyday. That is what helps me get over my fatigue. I still get tired if I don’t get my 7-8 hours sleep.

I think the harsh treatments of chemo and radiation do a lot to our minds and bodies. You almost have to accept that life will never be the same. I don’t like it, but I am working on that!!!!

I always wondered what this chemo brain thing was that I heard other patients and nurses talking about. Scroll the Internet it is actually a condition from all the treatments.

Hope this helps. Keep in touch. (hope I don’t have too many typos wish this thing had spell check, my fingers are not working today).


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This has been an amazing journey through this "cancer thing." I will say it has changed me as a person. I have more patience, I "don't sweat the small stuff" and I have a better appreciation for things. Everytime I go through something else because of the cancer or the treatments....my motto is "its a small price to pay." Sometime soon I will post my "history with this disease" some of it is rather comical. (those of us who are women and in their late 40's will get a laugh) Thank you to all who have shared your stories with me. Sometimes it's just really nice to know your not the only one. I am going to participate in a lung cancer walk mid November here in the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas area. I am so excited.

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Smitty, sorry your cancer revisted you. What a bummer when that happens. Happened to me twice. I'm a bit older than you are but I can say I've experienced significant change in my energy level. Sometimes, however, I'll feel like I've gotten it back to some extent for awhile. Think I tend to use it up and burn it out then lol.

The worst thing for me is the memory issue. I used to be one of those people who could store and recall an amazing amount of info. No more. I can't remember right now where my husband said he was going an hour or so ago lol.

Your attitude sounds good and I think you are young enough to get some of what you've lost back. Even when I can't do it for a time, I always get back to working out on my Total Gym. I do it every other day and believe it really helps keep me mobile.

Keep is posted on how you are doing and congrats on doing the upcoming walk.

Judy in KW

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Welcome, smitty. I agree with the exercise recommendations. I was already a long distance cyclist when I was diagnosed, was back on the bike 16 days after surgery, and I think it really helped me a lot.

I'm almost three years from my surgery now, and have remained cancer free. Let's hope this second go-round is your last.

If it's the DFW Walk/Run for LUNGevity that you're attending, I'll be there, too. Best wishes and I'll look forward to seeing you there.

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I'm a little late seeing this, but do want to welcome you. I am sorry that you are having to deal with this again. I am also on my second round with this life-changing disease. As everyone else has said, I think the single biggest thing that has helped me is exercise. I am not able to do what I used to, but try hard to do as much as I can and it does seem to make a big difference. Like Judy in KW though, I will go through periods of feeling great, lots of energy, and then it's just gone. I'm in awe of the fact that you worked full time through treatment - part time was the best I could do and sometimes I couldn't even do that. I think you are going to do amazing. It just takes time.


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Wow...Thanks everyone for all the replys and information. It's just nice to know you feel like "someone" else out there understands. I'm finally getting around to post my history....

Thanks again everyone for the feedback.....We WILL win this ugly battle.....together


Female - 47 years old - life long non-smoker, no second hand smoke or history of cancer

12/26/06 - seizure - no known cause - neurologist says "can't find a reason for the seizure, but did anyone talk about the mass in your lung?"

1/07 - biopsy - radiologist stated it was TB - two days later was called and informed it was lung cancer - NSCLC Adenocarcinoma

2/07 - left upper lobectomy w/ removal of two lymph nodes

3/07 - chemo port put in

3/07 - 7/07 chemo - cisplatin/taxotere 5 every 21 day treatments

10/07 - chemo port removed (got to out patient facility and was told I couldn't have the surgery as pregnancy test previous day came back positive....go figure....false test

10/09 - lap band surgery scheduled (ballooned after the chemo). Was doing pre-op for surgery and chest xray revealed another mass

11/09 - thoractomy - 3 lymph nodes, same side, stage 3

1/10 - chemo started again - 4 treatments every 21 days,

1/10 - radiation started 33 daily treatments 5 days /week

3/10 - CAT scan clear

6/10 - CAT scan clear

9/10 - PET scan clear (shoulder pain was thought to be bone cancer, but turned out to be bone spurs)

11/10 - CAT scan - awaiting on results

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Hi, Smitty. I'm very simpatico with the comments you made back on October 28. Although I'll never have the strength and endurance I once had, I feel that in many ways I'm a better person as a result of my cancer experience. Not that I would ever recommend it as a preferred path to self-improvement! :D

Welcome to the "new normal." Best wishes and Aloha,


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