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Monday's Air


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Morning All! It's a bit overcast here today but I suspect the sun will shine later as predicted.

I'm a little grumpy this morning. Waited 3 hrs from dinner and took my Tarceva and went to bed only to toss and turn for hours. I HATE doing that. I used to get up and watch TV or play on the computer. Now I just stay in bed aggravated lol.

I had the lovely experience in the late afternoon visiting Maggie and her bunny. He's a big fellow with light tan silky fur (or does a rabbit have hare lol). He's very skittish around strangers so I had to take it very slow. Eventually he ate out of my hand and then siddled up alongside me (sitting on pillows on the floor) and nestled against my thigh while I stroked his head. His name is lovin and that's what he is!

Got to get some work done today. Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 60 degrees as I rode to work this morning. It's actually cooler than that at 57 degrees now, as a cold front has come through. It's still supposed to get up to 78 degrees this afternoon.

There's not much else going on here other than wheezing and hacking. I hope you get a Tarceva schedule worked out that works for you soon, KW Judy. Sounds like you had a great trip, Eric.

Have a great day, all!

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Good day all,

Judy I am soooooooooooooooo happy that you are receiving you Tarceva free for one year. I hope you iron all the kinks out, not sleeping at night can get real frustrating! The bunny sounds so cute. Bud you better keep an eye on that wheezing and coughing. May need a trip to the doc.

Had a great Halloween, lots of kids came by, it is one of my favorite holidays. It always makes me smile to see the young ones in their costumes. Hope everyone has a great Monday.

Oh ya, drove the mower through the back of the shed :shock:

Was not a good scene. Threw some boards up, hammered some nails in, all better for now :!:


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Good afternoon everyone. It seems like I've been arriving in the afternoon lately and everyone has already been here for the day.

Judy, so sorry to hear you had a rough night. I hate it when I can't fall asleep. The absolute worst is when I have to get up the next morning and I keep looking at the clock to see how long it is before I have to get up without having any sleep. Usually, the television is a great key to helping me fall asleep. Either it's a case of something too boring to watch or it's something really good. If it's something good that I want to watch, I always seem to fall asleep. The infomercials are great sleep aids.

Bud, you take care of yourself!!!

Well, I had a great birthday Saturday and I got the best present ever!!! I'm going to be a grandma tor the third time in May!!! I love my grandchildren so much and the thought of having a brand new baby in the family has really got me smiling...even on a Monday!!!

Hope everyone is having a great day!!!

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Good Evening All,

Persistant heavy rain to-day,British Summer Time ended on Sunday at 1am,so it was a miserable drive home from work today in the dark,with loads of surface water on the roads,think even Bud would have given his bike a miss today.It will remain dark going home until Sally's birthday on the 25th of February,by the way Judy this old fellah here, will be 62 years young in May 8th next.

Great news Judy in you receiving Traceva for one year,although I am absolutely furious at your health system,that is so obsolete,that allows the less financially well off,to go without drugs that may be life threatening.I thought Jesus said love others as yourselves?

Driving into work this morning,I was listening to a report on the American Mid-Term elections on BBC Radio 4,I was so engrossed in listening to Sarah Palin and her activists thoughts on smaller government and lower taxes,I missed my turn off on the Motorway (Freeway)I had to double back to go and pick up Jennifer,(approx 15mins late)Oh I just love politics,mind you it certainly stretches all human understanding trying to follow the American version Tee-Hee,I really hope I am not offending anyone,it is the last thing I would wish,please pm me if you think I should butt out,come on the Democrats-Yeah!!!

See you to-morrow,cannot wait for the results to come in on Wednesday,appearently its the Republicans who are going to be smiling?

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