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Getting better!!!!


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Hey all,

I went MIA for about a month. It was a rough go of it. I was struggling with my health issues and random spasms in the various parts of my body. I also was dealing with a very rebellious husband who was so angry over my lingering health issues.

The good news: the spasms are almost gone. The Dilantin is working! Today was a true testimony to this. I'm on vacation in Hawaii. Just flying here was a giant test, and I got through 10 hours of flight with out any spasms.

But today we went to the WWII war memorial. This required several hours of walking, going through cramped ships, even more cramped submarine spaces, and being in awe of our brave men and women that lived in these quarters so bravely and for so long. And I got through all of this, with only a slight spasm in my ribs. That was it!!!!

I am completely amazed by this. For over the last 3 to 4 years, I have suffered in such a huge way, and to see a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (of relief) is absolutely a miracle for me.

My husband and I still have to work through some issues, but they are workable I think. We've been through a lot in this ordeal of the unexplainable spasms, but I am so thankful that this medication is working.

So, I'm on vacation in Hawaii, and will be home on Sunday. But he fell asleep early tonight, so I wanted to take this time to say HI, and get caught back up!

Goodness so many posts on the New Posts page! Awesome!

I missed you, and am glad to be back.

Take care, and hope to post again soon.

Judy in MI, now in HI

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Hey, Judy, welcome to "my world"! I just got back from Tennessee late Sunday. Glad you survived the 10-hour flight without a spasm. Unfortunately, flying is no longer the pleasurable experience that it used to be, unless one can fork over the dough for first class. An aisle seat is now a MUST for any future flights by this kid! Aloha,


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I am happy to hear from you. I was very worried. Look forward to hearing from you and reading your daily posts. It is very kind of you to reach out to others even though you were going through difficult times. Today the temp high in Green Bay, WI was 35 degrees. Will be chilly in MI when you return.

Have a safe trip home.


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Hi Judy,

Great to hear from you,seems ages since I last read one of your posts.What good news you have brought with you,your health has improved considerably,patched up some issues with hubby,I couldnt be more pleased for you,I am a dog with two tails.Looking forward to seeing any of your holiday snaps,particularly the ones when you were houla dancing on the table in your grass skirt,following having taken one or two vino collapsoes.Safe journey home,hear from you to-morrow.

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Thanks everyone! I'm back home in the cold and rain :-)

I may try to post some pictures, but it'll have to be much later. Vacations are nice until you get back to the work left undone, and laundry piled up, and many demands on your time! With the holidays coming up, and the trip to San Francisco for the nephew's wedding, things are going to be nuts in the next few weeks. I will try to be here though, just may not add pics for a bit!

Yesterday we landed at 11:00AM. Phew! Long trip. No sleep. Worked like a dog on laundry to try to keep myself awake, hoping to make it to 10:00PM so I could be back on Michigan time today. Well, I made it to 3:00 and had to nap. But got up at 5:00 and went back to work, and did make it to 10:00PM before sleep took over. I think today will be a tired day, but think I can make it through to 10:00 tonight, and then I'll be "over" the jet lag.

The good news is I made the entire trip with only a couple of spasms! I consider that a miracle. How lovely. I'll post more details when I find some spare time. LOL!

Judy back in MI

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