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Young 45, 3rd Generation Female Lung Cancer Suvivor


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My significant other calls me creature so I will use that here. Diagnosed 9.23.09, but cancer was there on x-ray 1 year earlier. They missed a 5cm tumor.

Life as I knew it is OVER.

Now seeking research on immunotherapy trials and other methods to keep LC from returning. Cocky, but lifesaving oncologist, took out my medi-port. I still don't feel relaxed and ever ache and pain, I think, Oh my God it's from the LC. I know I must stay informed about the latest research in LC. That's why I am here.

The MEDICAL MACHINE can eat a person up and spit them out if you don't have proper medical knowledge and advocacy. I was lucky that my husband is a genius and like a rabid dog with a bone when it came to trying to save my life. Thank you my darling. :D

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Hello and welcome. Yes, being informed and advocating for yourself is very important.

All of us survivors know the feeling of thinking the cancer has returned every time we get a pain. It's gotten less so for me in the three years since my surgery, but I suspect it never goes away completely.

Connecting with others who are going through the same things seems to help a lot sometimes, so keep us updated, and don't hesitate to ask anything or let us know what's on your mind.

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Hi there!

Yes, I suppose it's the lot of us survivors, to have those thoughts when things don't seem right. I try to keep a positive attitude, but have to be honest, that my thoughts go to LC when new things come up that I don't understand.

When people ask me what's the worst thing that happened to you, I say "lung cancer". Then they ask what's the best thing that happened to you and I reply "lung cancer" again. It was hell going through it, but it opened my eyes to what is really important in life. I treasure that and try to hold onto the new reality the best I can.

Writing here is very therapeutic, and educational as well. So glad your husband was a "rabid dog" in helping you fight. Mine too.

Judy in MI

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Hi Creature?

Bit strange to start with your title LOL,maybe you should come clean soon or this may stick,Esmirelda?

A warm welcome to LCSC,your post is so bright and breezy,and shows a sense of humour,what more could we have in a new buddy,I hope you are going to give us the pleasure of your company and patter for many years to come.Who I am? well not from your side of the pond I am Eric the Red,a vain bigheaded,opinionated, loud mouth Scot who is always putting his foot in things,and thats only my opinion,wait till you read the opinions of me from the other buddies,still I am too old to be getting a red face.Lung cancer? oh forget it your are doing brilliantly from what I can make out,and a great hubby as well?arent you doing well.Oh we can talk business as well,pick you up if you are feeling down,in fact the buddies here can offer you all the support you require whatever.Got to dash now got my kilt to put on,oh I can assure you,I dont do this very often.byeee

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Oh welcome to the place no one wants to be but are usually happy they found. Ah the port. Still have mine but haven't been off IV chemo for long in the last three years. I can imagine my horror if/when they suggest taking it out lol. I know, it was a horror getting used to having it but now not....Come and visit anytime. We are a friendly bunch.

Judy in KW

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