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Morning All! The subject Air is all in caps in honor of Ann's and anyone else's early Friday.

Feeling better but surprised we still have a sense of humor and holiday spirit. Hot water heater sh#t the bed yesterday. Do you believe it. Thank goodness Stan noticed a drop in water pressure and called the Aqueduct Authority. They found where the leak was coming from. Haven't gone online to see what it cost us yet. And just the month we have the lowest electric bill ever!

Going to town today to do errands and last minute food shopping for Christmas dinner. I didn't make group last night so this will be my first day to town since I got home last Wednesday. Too Long! Having lunch at one of my favorite restaurant, Chico's, so don't feel sorry for me if I complain afterwards that my stomach hurts.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

Have a great day everyone.

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Good morning all,

Judy KW sounds like you are feeling better (Yeah). Sorry about your water heater ours took a crap about 9 months ago it is gas and the cost was $775 for 40 gal, installed on a Sunday. Hopefully you can just buy it and Stan can install himself.

It is currently Friday for me and the temp is 30 degrees, which is a warm up, I will take it...We had a couple more inches again last night and a couple the night before. Bud does the shoveling count as exercise (cycling miles)? I am still coughing today and rather nervous about it. I don't have a full blown cold and you know what always comes to mind:( I am trying not to stress but it is not working...

Well doing my X-mas food shopping after work and last minute gifts everyone have a great day.


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 44 degrees with a brisk north wind as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 64. That's 20 degrees cooler than yesterday, but still not bad for late December.

Sorry you lost your hot water heater, KW Judy. It's amazing how often that kind of thing seems to happen right around the holidays.

Libby, shoveling sounds like pretty good aerobic exercise to me. Just put on a tune and turn it into some kind of an aerobic dance step.

Stephanie, the eclipse here was exactly in the middle of my sleep night and we had company the night before and I didn't get to bed early, so I decided to just skip it.

The copy so you can recover by pasting is an quicker and easier technique than Notepad, Annette. I got out of the habit of using it when I had an old computer that had a habit of crashing at the worst possible time. If it's in a file you still have it, if you just copied, it's gone. But that was ages ago. I don't have that kind of problem with this computer; I should start doing the copy and paste thing again, myself.

It is, indeed, my Friday. I'm off the rest of the week. I'm thinking I'll brave the wind and go fishing tomorrow. It's supposed to be pretty chilly the rest of the weekend, so other than the Christmas gathering, which is at my daughter's place this year, I may just stay home and piddle around the house.

I hope your weather gives you a break, Eric. Have a great day, all!

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It is a nice day so far here in Richmond. Went with my significant other for his "50th" birthday present this morning (boy was last night fun). The doctor said everything looked great no polyps. So I left his woozie ness at home in bed and came to work so I can play hookie tomorrow. Even though technically it doesn't count as a weekend since I am having an MRI at 2:00 and have to get their for bloodwork at 12:30. I decided I would stay home and sleep in.

Libby - I think that shoveling counts as 2 times the cycling - every muscle in my body just ran off mentioning that word - and we may get upwards of a foot this weekend.

Judy (KW) - your sense of humor is coming back because your tummy is feeling better (I hope) Doesn't your authority give you a break when it's a leak - I would call and find out if it is bad especially if the leak is on their maintenance side.

Shopping - what is that - with everything that went on with my "adorable" little 14 year old nephew we are not going to celebrate so much as make it thru the court dates - little monster stole and totaled my mom's car, then she got a new (used) one and he stole and wrecked that one - it is drivable but has a beautiful blue mark down the passenger side where had a discussion with a big blue dumpster.

I guess I will try and do some food shopping on the way home tonight. I have to have something for Christmas anyway.

Bud - What a cartoon that would make Libby with headphones out in the drive dancing with a shovel. Unless it's a beautiful swan lake waltz. Sounds pretty anyway.

I hope everyone is ready for the holiday - does a little something for themselves and keeps the home fires burning.


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Good morning all! Yesterday was the shortest day of the year, but the day I finished my Christmas shopping! Yippee!

From now until Christmas, the only thing I must do is finish the laundry, and shop for the Christmas day meal. We have our God-children and parents over on Christmas day and make a big deal out of it. So fun.

Annette, thank God for the good results. I understand the fun of last night. Been there, done it and glad don't have to do it again for a while! Whew! So sorry about your nephew. Hope someone can get through to him and soon.

Bud, I've lost enough posts here, so I automatically highlight my post, hit Control C and then if it's lost, hit Control V and it's back! It totally works.

KW Judy, I thought you were getting all "dolled up" for group yesterday? Well, it's okay. Sorry about the hot water heater. Appliances always fail at the worst times.

It's 29 today with bright sun shining! WE got a light dusting of snow, so everything is brilliant and white. Beautiful. The forecast through Christmas is perfect, with moderate temps, light snows, so all should be just as it should for this beautiful Christmas.

Our lake has frozen over now, for about a week, so soon it will be ice fishing time Bud! I love this time of year, as Randy and his buddies go out all the time to fish on the ice. Then the wives come over and we have hot chocolate and gab. Fun.

Judy in MI

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Good Evening Everyone,

Its Holiday Time,Whoopee!! no more work until the 5th of January.Bud thanks, but no let up in the sub-zero temps,to-night is forecast to be minus 11 degrees C,this isnt Scotland its blooming Siberia and no end in sight.

Went to my young sisters house, Dot,to hand in Christmas prezzies for her grand children,Jack and Emma(youve met them in Misc)They are at Dot's house for Christmas Dinner,so it would be nice they can get them on that day.

Judy,oh my sympathy for the water heater breakdown,think I mentioned my washing machine breakdown,repairman hasnt phoned back yet, hope he gets the spare parts soon as,on top of that my DVD home movie/sound box contraption has stopped playing DVDs,Sally checked with the store about a repair under warrenty,it cost me over £1,700 two years ago,but apparently I only took out 5 years insurance on the TV part of the system,I cannot believe I would have done that,I had put out enough hints out to Sally and Jennifer that Cliff Richard has a new DVD out,a show to celebrate his 70th Birthday,all his best songs are on it,also Billy Connelly has a new one out also,got to get this repaired,never mind the clean underwear, this is far more serious.

Bud,really you cannot casually use expressions like "piddling about the house" please!! in the UK it means to urinate.

Hi Libby,like you I have been shovelling snow about for over two weeks now,hoping for a bonus side effect of developing a six pack tummy,naw,all I ended up with was blistered hands and a sore back,pass me the radox will you?.

Hi Annette,I think you are just brill,imagine you mentioning having problems of a little rascal of a nephew with a perchant for absconding with cars and wrecking them at aged 14 ?.Perhaps a star stock car racer in the future perhaps?.Got time for another little anecdote from my past?you do?well good for you,I am 15 years old at the time,I have a buddy who is about a year younger than myself,he has already shown from an early age an extrordinary ability to fix all types of machines that have broken down(maybe send him to Judy)anyway he has seen in the newspaper an advert for a old type of scooter for sale,think its German? it was called a Wattburg,it didnt go,well he bought,and he and I walked it home,he stripped the engine down and rebuild it,first time would you believe when he kick started it,the engine fired up and ran smooth as a dream.What excitement so we had to take it on a road test.Me sitting in the pillion seat we whizzed down Keppochhill Rd,I remember it being a Sunday,must have been high summer as it was about 10.30pm and just getting dark,just getting to Saracen St,when a Police Car passed us going the other way,its Ok Kenny says I theyve kept on going,glacing over my shoulder,seems I was a bit premature,they did a U-turn and asked us to pull over.The fun then began.

Policeman to Kenny- Is this your bike?- Yes Sir!.

Policeman to Kenny- What is the registration Number?-DUH

Policeman to Kenny- Do you have a licence/provisional?-DUH

Policeman to Kenny- Do you have insurance?-DUH

Policeman to Kenny- Switch on your lights?-nothing.

Policeman to Kenny- Foot your brakes-no light shown at rear.

Policeman to Eric-Do you have a licence?provisional-DUH

Well Kenny was taken to court,fined I remember £40,and his licence revoked for 18 months,which was funny,since he didnt have a licence to revoke,and me?well two plain clothes policemen came to my house and gave me a real dressing down,but no further action taken,phew!!.Well that was the end of my criminal career,lesson learned.Bye,see you all to-morrow God willing.

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I have heard piddle before - maybe it's a "southern" thing but I knew the other meaning as well. Eric as usual made me laugh out loud at his post and you have to love his priorities - who cares about laundry - he should have an executive board meeting on that one. LOL,


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LOL @ me urinating all weekend. From thefreedictionary.com, the two meanings of piddle:

1. To spend time aimlessly; diddle.

2. informal To urinate.

I definitely was using the first definition. Actually, a more popular version of it is used a lot here in Texas, with a four letter word added onto the end of it. I was trying to be nice about it, and obviously failed.......LOL.

Tomorrow's forecast here keeps going downhill. Now, they're calling for a high of 55 with rain in the evening. Looking at the weather maps, it seems the jetstream is out of kilter this year. That's why all the cold temps in places where they shouldn't be. And Texas is right on the edge of the cold, so we'll likely keep going back and forth between cold and warm.

But even with a cooler day tomorrow, I won't be fishing through ice, hopefully.

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Eric, we have more than one meaning for lots of words in the US--and piddlle is one of them. I knew what you meant Bud. And to pay Eric back, maybe Sally should have that executive meeting about the laundry lol.

Oh, I just saw you clarified things Bud. Good show or something like that.

And yes Libby, Stan picked the hot water heater up and is putting it in himself.

Annette, I love the visual of Libby jiving with the shovel.

Yes, I am definitely feeling better. Skipped group last night Judy. Wasn't up to snuff yet. Feel much better now. Went out and ran errands with Stan and had lunch at Chico's--Mexican in case you didn't know by the name. My stomach is not protesting yet. May go out to neighbors tonight with my "travelling coffee" as they call it. Coffee, Baileys, Kahlua and Amaretta. Yum.

Judy in KW

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