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Thursday's Air


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Morning All! Morning temp still stuck on 68 degrees but Ann, I think you're right. We are expecting a dip again over the next few days but nothing like we had earlier.

Nothing to read this morning since I stopped by when I got back from the theater. Yes Eric, I'm back from the Red Barn. Nothing terrible happened but the show was great. The young actor who played the retarded son was amazing. I kept seeing traces of my now deceased nephew. He really did his homework.

Don't know what happened to my post from last night but when I went to Wendnesday Air, it was not there. Knowing me, forgot to hit "submit." Anyway Libby, I was responding to your suggestion you meet Judy in Chicago for a show. Me too, me too. Never been to Chicago and I hear it is a lovely city. Or we could go to Seattle and see a show and Stephanie. I love Seattle. Of course I'm tied up or down, I'm not sure which, til mid March and I'd have to cave and start flying again. Could be my incentive.

Slow morning after that late night. Missed Stan already when I got up this morning. But you know I have all this work planned so off and at it.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, KW Judy. I thought I'd pop in early this morning and get the day started off right!!! So glad to hear that you had a fun evening at the Red Barn ! After reading Eric's post, I'm even happier to know that you returned from the Red Barn!

It's been raining here for a couple of hours now. There was a lot of that distant, rumbling thunder earlier but that seems to have passed. This may all hit you tonight, Judy. The high for today is only supposed to be a couple of degrees higher than it is right now...mid 60's. Although the temp is mild, this was one of those cold rains. I would have loved to grab my favorite blankie and cuddled up at home all day.

At the rate I'm going, my New Years resolutions may not be ready until February. I do know that I'm not going to include anything about dieting, as I always break that resolution before the ink on the paper gets dry. I think this year is the year for me to work on personal growth and lifestyle changes. Wow...that sounds vague???

Hope everyone can find at least one thing that makes their heart smile today!!!

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Morning Ann. Guess I'll have to watch the weather. Stan's gone so the TV isn't on when I get up and I rarely turn it on til late in the day. I may just pop in and say hi to everyone as they post today lol. I'm moving like a slug. Was probably home by 11 or so but didn't get to sleep til around 1 am. I've been getting up and down and doing straightening here and there. Trying not to be resentful for the little messes Stan left me in the kitchen. That's life.

One thing I must do today (Libby) is exercise. This week it's Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. It would change next week. Rah Rah, we can do it lol.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 34 degrees with a stiff north wind as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 64, as we get a shot warmup before this weekend's rain and next week's cold.

I seem to be meeting myself coming and going at work today, but there's not much else going on here to report on, so I guess I'll drag myself out of this chair and get back to work.

Have a great day, all!

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I almost lost this post but was able to hit the back key and copy it - somehow I am always posting at the same time as someone else - I have no idea who today.

Bud - you should keep us posted on your miles since we are cheering you on. I think you are already 4-0 in riding to work right?

Still very chilly here - and we have a chance of snow tomorrow. Where are those suitcases it is time to travel south (may have to go further south than Key West though since I think 60 is cold).

I am so very glad you made it home from the Red Barn last night - Erics' story was a bit spooky and it probably made the evening more fun. Maybe having fun is the ticket to solving other issues - they say laughter is the best medicine - although I still haven't figured out how you would swallow it.

Ann - lifestyle changes - well let's say you were going to change eating habits a little - it is possible that could work like a diet and it wouldn't even be hard if you do it slowly. Say - add a salad to at least one meal a week - then you would eat the salad and less of the calorie laden meal - eating "healthy" and less calories.

Resolutions - whoops - guess those slipped my mind - now what were they - when do they start - you want me to exercise when - wait a minute let's discuss this over a Dr. Pepper - no not a diet one silly. How many stones do you want me to lose - (stones was for Eric). I am not getting chunky - I've decided that my life's calling is in commercials - and I want to be the michillan man (you know that cute white tire (tyre) guy. I am a Weight Watcher already I watch it every morning when I brush my teeth and it is still there.

Someone better smile while they were reading this or I will think that my sense of humor is broken.


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Well I think old Mother Earth has changed it's axis somehow. All you folks that are supposed to be in the warmer climates are cold.

Meanwhile here in the north we are alot milder than normal. This morning it is -12C/10F when we should be in the -30'sC with a few -40's sprinkled in there. I don't mind the warmer temperature's but with it come's snow. We already have a winter's worth on the ground and the winter is not half over !

Annette if people do not laugh at your post, they should check for a pulse. LOL

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I am a Weight Watcher already I watch it every morning when I brush my teeth and it is still there.

Annette, lots of funny stuff in there but this was the one, near the end. I'm telling you, I'm all by myself here and am counting on you for the real Laugh Out Loud, no prentend LOL, the real belly shaking noising one. Thanks.

Bruce, I'm going to go looking for a member named Patches so you'd better no be pulling my leg.

Judy in KW

P.S. It's raining.

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Bruce, even your mild days are colder than I ever want to ride a bike in.

Annette has it exactly right with the "lifestyle" versus "diet" thing. We consider diets temporary, so too often put weight back on after the diet's over. But, if we say something like, "From now on, I'm going to sweeten my tea with stevia rather than sugar", then we're aiming for a permanent change, a lifestyle change if you will. There's still no guarantee that we'll stick with the change from now on, but our attitude will be more directed toward that. I've had good success with just making a lot of small eating "lifestyle changes", one at a time.

They're talking about mixed snow and rain here on Monday. Brrrrrrrrr....

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This is what I get for not getting in here earlier! I find it much easier to respond to each new response than getting in later, and havng to scroll down and re-read everything. Such is life. It's so tough. LOL

I'm with Bruce Annette, anyone who reads your posts and can't laugh does not have a pulse. I so look forward to what you write each day. I think I said this before? I love your sense of humor. The comment about the weigh watching was hilarious! I had to read the laughter swallow joke twice (I'm sometimes slow) but I got it and it's funny. Yeah, let's invent laughter pills, we'd make millions!

I don't make new years resolutions. They are just items begging for failure. I resolve to change nothing but what needs to be changed and when it needs to be changed, I'll attempt to change it. Right? Right.

Bud, you are meeting yourself coming and going today? Hmmm? Split personalities, or just all alone at work? Hmmmmm............

Judy, glad you enjoyed the theatre, and survived the experience that Eric made look sooooo scary!

Ann, I like your resolutions, nice and vague. Those are perfect for me! LOL! Oh, and for your hope of finding one thing to make my heart smile today? I found it! I took myself out to lunch, which was not the source of the smile, but was good. I was getting ready to leave, and an elderly gentleman came in by himself to be seated for lunch. He was all hunched over with arthritis, and was very small. As the waitress seated him, two other men yelled out "Hey Bob, how ya doin'?" He looked over and then went to their table to say hello. One man introduced himself, and reminded Bob that they met a couple of weeks ago at a local grocery store. The other seemed to be an old friend. The other said, "Hey Bob, doing good for a 70 year old." And then Bob replied, "70? Young man, I'm going to be 96 in a couple of weeks!"

It made my heart smile so much! 96 years young, and taking himself out for lunch, by himself, spry as can be inspite of the arthritis. He drove himself into town to "get a bite". I don't know why but this just made me smile and grateful for all that I have.

Libby, I'd love to meet you in Chicago. Let's wait for gentler weather though, okay? And Stephanie and Judy, I adore Seattle. It's a very cool city. Let's all go there!

KW Judy thank you for doing the exercise for the rest of us!

MI Judy

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Evening Everyone,

Gosh its taken me ages to settle down to post in to-night,weather, well bit boringly cold cloudy but dry as yesterday in fact,predicting snow at the weekend.

Well, got a preview of the Eric at Airdrie film to-day,seems its not ready for public display yet-maybe it wont pass the censors.I will refrain from commenting until I have spoken to my lawers,hopefully I can pass it on to the forum soon-who said theres no rush?

Hi JudyKW glad you had a good night out at the Red Barn,I actually Googled this story,really interesting it was too,isnt Google a wonderful tool?.Love to see the Jersey Boys musical too,maybe if I can make it this year, we could all meet in Chicago and see if its still running,well mid-winter blues,I need to stretch my imagination to look forward to something special for the coming summer.

Hi Bud,bit like you ,nothing much to report at work to-day,we had a EIS union meeting today for most of the staff (150),sorry we are too posh to be called a union,an association,to vote on accepting or rejecting managements pay offer of 0.5%,well inflation at over 3% (fuel over 8%)its really no surprise it was unanimously rejected by the members,some suspicion by the members, management is setting aside monies to pay for early retirement deals.

Hi Annette,you really are such fun,the weightwatching remark is just brill.

Hi Ann,your thoughts on personal growth and lifestyle changes really got me thinking,the only personal growth I can think of was my waistline over Christmas,now taking to only putting one foot at a time on my bathroom scales,the weight loss is amazing,lifestyle changes?you havent bought a farm beside Bruce have you?.

Hi JudyMI,nice story about the 96 year old,as a younger man,I tended to look on elderly people with some pity,now its seems as I have got older its now changed to one of envy.There was a story in our news last week about an explosion in the number of citizens in the UK reaching 100,bettcha the Queen is getting a sore wrist sending out all the Birthday Cards to each and everyone of them,I hope to get mine,mind you probably be from similar aged Charles,or the young son?(forgot his name,oh boy this could get me in the Tower)Goodnight everyone.

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