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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! Spoke too soon didn't I Ann. Down to 63 again this morning and my little body knew it the minute I got out of bed.

First and foremost, Mike LOL LOL. If you didn't read it go back to yesterday's Air.

Lily, I was away for two months last year and I agree, toooo long.

Annette, I do my farm and Dominick's farm. Used to help my sister but am not sure we're speaking lol. I don't look at it like a job anymore but can't give it up altogether. It's when I'm really tired and just need to sit down and be distracted. It is much easier on my hands than Zuma Deluxe which is what I used to do.

Oh, bummer Eric. I forgot my homework too.

Ginny, didn't notice before that you are from near my neck of the woods. Everytime we go home, we are amazed at the traffic in NJ and PA.

Libby, we're on track this week. I worked out yesterday too. Off today, on tomorrow. Saturday's the hard one for me.

Judy, how do you get suspended from a volunteer Job!!??!! Those people must be crazy and not need help so much.

Bud, don't worry about those miles. You know you'll make them up when it gets warmer.

Stephanie, your post reminded me of the good old days (not). They should give you Zofran. Don't think I would do the big chemo without it now. The nausea usually kicked in for me first thing in the morning after the big guns wear off. They gave me Phenergan and it stinks.

Got to get busy. Went to town at 10:30 am yesterday and got home at five. Three hours in the Cancer Center. The doctor comes in from Miami and his plane was delayed due to fog. Fog in SFL, what the heck. So between visiting two drs offices, the bank and grocery store, I was all day. Am tired but have some things I need to prep for the cleaning lady. Hard to rest when she's here working.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 21 degrees as I rode to work this morning, a tad nipply to be sure, but at least the big wind and most of the icy spots on the roads are gone. Forecast high is 37.

Rose spends time with the facebook games, but I never started playing them at all. I already seem to not have enough hours in the day....LOL.

Lots of walking doesn't agree with my back either, Annette. Sometimes, the walking I do in the shop at work is too much. That's why my chosen exercise is riding. I remember you saying you had balance issues. Have you considered a recumbent trike? Lots of people in my rbent group really love them.

Stephanie, I remember that my cisplatin and gemcitabine sessions took 6 hours. 4 hours is way too long for chemo, too. It makes it worse to keep seeing people show up, get their chemo, then leave, while you're still sitting there.

Note to self: Never discuss politics with MI Judy. Stay warm, everyone, and have a great day!

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I shouldn't have spoken so soon. Temperatures are beginning to drop. This morning it is -23C/-9F with a windchill of -34C/-29F. Looks to get even colder for the next week with temperatures in the -30'sC not counting windchill.

Stephanie my chemo treatment would take 5 hours for the double dose and 2 hours for the single dose. I had Cisplatin and Vinerolbine. The nurse tried to speed up the drip and it caused alot of kidney pain. The nurse and Doctor's were a little concerned as well.

Nice to hear that you are still tending to your crop Judy KW. LOL

Judy MI sorry to hear that you got caught up in the politics.

Well time to face the cold. Take care.

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There was ice on the car this morning but at least the snow missed us for the most part. Places were closed all around us though. I don't know why just feel like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and not my chipper self - hope I'm not coming down with a cold that would be perfect timing for air travel north on Sunday.

Judy MI - that is absolutely horrible - no matter what the politics of the office - the volunteer world runs on .... volunteers - good grief talk about shooting themselves in the foot - what if you found something better - where would they be then. There are so many good causes looking for volunteers it makes you wonder if that is not part of their problem - they politic themselves out of people.

Homework, Judy KW, what homework - I thought Eric was a professor here to teach us. I'm sitting at the back of the class and I'll take notes, maybe, but research - is the answer on FB - maybe I'd find it but otherwise I'm going to have to copy somebody else's paper - who did the homework?

I can't really comment on the hours and hours of further treatment - I've been so very lucky after two surgeries. But I pray for everyone here and hope that my worrying (which I'm very good at) helps in some small way. I've witnessed some strong heavy weight fighters here that's for sure.

Bud, exercise, me - hmmm - thinking - hmmm - if it wasn't a workday I might even have to take a nap from all this brain exercise. Seriously though - I think the back hurting is because I'm a slug - I sit at my desk most of the day and on my couch most of the night. I have been trying to walk more frequently at work but overall - I'm thinking - a couch potato has nothing on me. I live in Richmond so there is no real good area for cycling - traffic is horrendous - so if I wanted to go that route I'd have to get a truck or something to actually go to a park or path somewhere - for all that I'd do just as well donating money to a gym. LOL.

If you would be so kind as to keep that cold weather up in Canada I at least thru next Wednesday I'd be grateful. I'm so not looking forward to next week in St. Paul - they need to move this meeting to somewhere warmer. (Summer in St. Paul is not too hot - the state bird is active - the mosquito!). Yes I know I complain a lot don't I. I'm such a girl.


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Good morning from Northern California! Some would call it a dreary day but after being gone for over 2 months I call it pure sunshine :D

Trying to get caught up and back into my routine. Exercise is a much because I gained 10 pounds while away and I am already overweight. Starting out slow just making extra trips up and down the stairs each time I go out. Went to fitness class yesterday and it was not that strenuous, seems while I was gone they all got slack with exercise too.

Talking about your cold weather in Florida really makes me feel silly but the way I live is with fresh air. When I came up from our morning coffee clutch the first thing I did was turn the heater off and open the windows. It is a balmy 50 degrees or so right now. I starved for fresh air while away. No one in my family either in Louisiana or Bakersfield believe in opening windows!!

I got some great news this morning. We have talked about doing a rockathon in May because most of the people who live in our apartment complex are either too old or have medical problems that keep us from participating in relay for life. Wasn't sure until this morning if we could designate what kind of cancer we want to raise funds for. I asked for Lungevity and it seems like that will be our charity. I am so excited. Already contacted Katie and she is going to put me in touch with the right person to get the information we need. I will get our service co ordinater in the loop because she is handling it all through relay for life. There will even be a link where we can have our sponsers donate on line.

Well I have to run for now hoping everyone is staying safe and warm.

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Hi y'all!

LOL Bud! You and Mike made me laugh out loud. Judy I did scroll back to see Mike's post. How funny!

The snow stopped and the main roads are clear, so that's great! The sunshine is visiting again, and that's even greater! About 24 here. Hubs made it home just fine from the MSU game. Roads were bad, but they took it slow and were good.

I've never done the Facebook games either Bud. I can be a bit OCD, so I avoid stuff like that! LOL

Stephanie, thinking about you. Remembering my days in the chemo ward. I started mine at 8:00AM and didn't get done until 5:00PM. I'm with Bud that it was not fun to see people coming in and going while I sat there for so long. I wish you the bet and pray the nausea and other side effects are minimal.

So I took the puppy in to be cut and groomed. She is such a joy! To see her romp in the snow just tickles me. She's bounching around and her tail is going a hundred miles an hour, and it's just awesome to see. Almost makes me feel like running out and making a snow angel. But then again.....nah.....

So now that the one volunteer job is done, I have two full days to find new things to do. Kw Judy, I don't think they are crazy. They think I've been overdoing it, and "for my health" felt I should take a break. It's fine. I've had 3 days to get used to the idea, and I'm okay. There's lots of places that need help, and I get to find a new one!

Hope you all have a great day. I'll check back later.

MI Judy

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Thanks all for the chemo time comments - I also had the really long cisplatin days two years ago - so this one seems much quicker, and so far, easier. Though sleep eluded me most of last night.

Looks like the pretty white night turned into commuter mush, and will wash away in rain today - already 44 degrees out there.

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Note to self: Never discuss politics with MI Judy. Stay warm, everyone, and have a great day!
Bud LOL for real.

Bruce, you know I am a frustrated farmer. I was getting really bored and now I'm trying to beat the clock collecting enough packages to buy a beautiful Snow Stallion. That's how they keep me hooked. God help me if they start offering bacy chicks instead of chickens.

Homework, Judy KW, what homework - I thought Eric was a professor here to teach us. I'm sitting at the back of the class and I'll take notes, maybe, but research - is the answer on FB - maybe I'd find it but otherwise I'm going to have to copy somebody else's paper - who did the homework?
Annette, and this is you at your not so chipper self lol?

Lily what a creative fantastic idea. A rockathon! You go girl. We'll be waiting to hear all about it. And we need pictures too.

Judy, two whole days off. Have you heard of leisure time lol.

Stephanie, check you mailbox.

I'm going to go pick one of Eric's words to define after I check the side effects of fluxo-something.

Judy in KW

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Just in case Eric makes a showing tonight.

By the way, no fair omitting the "-" between Bubby and Jock.

Traditional Scottish Recipes - Roastit Bubbly-Jock. ... In Scotland, turkey was called "bubbly-jock" and roasting and stuffing evolved using local produce. ...Also a bird that is aften upbrocht on ferms (say what"?) for meat. Also a restaurant in Glasgow.

Dreich Scottish word, meaning miserable cold gloomy weather.

Drookit 1. drenched, soaked through. (used in “Ah fell in the burn an’ got drookit“) Also this is an old Scottish word meaning a tad on the damp side.

Annette, you can copy my paper. I'm sure I got an A. Wouldn't you think I had something better to do lol.

Judy in KW

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Excellent job Judy on the Scottish words. For me, I think this cold weather is tiring, and I'd like to eighty six it. Seriously lets get down to brass tacks and come up with a solution. I hate being cold. But I'm lucky because I live high on the hog so it's not so bad, but elsewhere it really is.

Then again, we can just hold our horses, as it will improve.

MI Judy

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Hi All,

Pressed the preview box and my long winded post just vanished ?.

Weather?really cannot remember,dark going to work and dark coming home,very short walk to/from the car both ends of my journey,think it was cold and dry,the windows in my office are fifeteen feet from the floor,so I would need to erect a scaffold to see outside.

Sorry didnt post last night,the bowling biddies phoned me,the season has restarted,we got beat 27-4 (we wuz robbed)think I shuld have stayed home and posted in instead.

Up to my neck in it this week,I have brought home two modules of students work to mark up,I have an External Verifier from SQA coming on Friday to check up on the curriculum and assessments,got to avoid the dreaded "Pink Slip" a failure to comply report to the Principal,which puts a hold on all assessment results from being processed.I do have an Ace up my sleeve though,the EV is a former student of mine,who after graduating with a BSc, I got him his first teaching job.

Ah Judy MI Whilst I am on the assessment subject,when I give out homework I expect to be returned "Toute Suite",now since you mentioned in your post that you will have shortly some spare time in your hands,you can start by writing out 500 times "I must be punctual in returning my homework".Now for the rest of you lot,take that as a warning.Thanks for your explaination of Dust Bunnies,they are called Oose here. Annette-A wee word in your ear-Touting for homework answers here is just not on,since all homework given out here is "Open Book" the internet is an acceptable research tool,however the work undertaken must be done by each students personally,I got my eye on you.By the way I can recommend Wikipeadia.

Hi Bud thanks for the spinnerbaker website address I passed it on to Irene to give to Brian.Re chemo my Cisplatin/Vinorolbine cycles would run 10-12 hours,depending how quickly the bloods could be done.

Hats Off!!( I am now addressing the captain of the ship) Hi KatieB,(loved your joke)Did I tell you the one about the two ladies passing a scarecrow,spotting he was pleasuring himself,one lady said to the other "He's only clutching at straws",ahem,I am happy to reply to your request for some infro on each of the LC topics you mentioned,I will reply as soon as.

LilyJohn,"Rockathon for LUNGevity" yes,that does have a ring to it dosnt it?.What a super idea,I would love to cross the pond and help you to arrange it but May is just out the question.Now July/August is looking good.I have got my Passport,American Embassy for the Visa,now what else- ah vaccinations-Blackwater Fever,Tseste Fly,Malaria,Dengue Fever,any others required?.Insurance-American medical treatments,this could literally cost an arm and a leg,insuring Eric?hmm,does anyone know an insurance company with a broad mind and a sense of humour, that would insure me?please advise.Gosh its 10.10pm and only a wee bit of marking done,I'll have to go,sorry if I didnt get round to everyone,see you to-morrow,Goodnight.Not going to press the preview box,please ignore spelling/grammer errors,here goes-click.

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Hi Judy KW,

Sorry our posts passed each other.

Dinna girn at me if ye huv goat yirsel in a wee bit o' a stooshie o'er Bubbly Jock,thars nae hyphen tae ma knowledge.

Ah translation "Turkeys are reared on farms in Scotland for their meat".

Your homework- Judy's office is a real Guddle (noun)

Buds homework the verb to Guddle.

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Hi everyone,

I did read Mikes post last night what a "hoot" had me laughing my butt off. It is 25 degrees right now and I am sorry to say that actually feels warm now. Oh what is wrong with me!

Stephanie I know how long the process is I use to receive my chemo over a course of 6 hours weekly along with radiation daily. It would drive me nuts to see people come in after me and leave before. My daughter was 12 then and would want to stay with me after 2 times I said no, come eat lunch with me and leave. Hang in there. Glad to hear nausea is not a problem.

Bruce please keep the cold in Canada so Annette's trip will be warmer. Thanks.

Seems Bud and Judy KW have more homework. Be interesting to see what guddle means. All this learning is good for the mind. Judy KW I don't spend much time on Facebook playing the farm game I should try one night when I have time. Everyone loves it. Seems easier then working on Bruce's real farm, warmer too.

Have a good night all.

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