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Tuesday's air


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I know I am early but I have to go pack in a few minutes. I hope all of you are well and safe this morning. I know the weather in many parts is extreme.

My sister in law has not been awake sense Sunday night. I am not sure how much is her illness or how much is the drugs. I don't know how she is still going. Thursday night she was supposed to not make it and half of her heart had shut down. Her kidneys have not worked for a couple of days now.

Hospice is setting up this morning and she will go home. I am going to help as much as I can. I can at least be there for the family and do some cooking. I know they have been living on little but coffee and nerves. I have been there so I remember only too well.

Today will be 57 years ago that she married my brother Harold. I was not quite 10 years old. She was so young that when my niece Jacci was born Mama pretty much raised us all together. She has been sick before with her stroke and sarciadosis 20 years ago but I never really thought about really loosing her. The fear was there but I never put it into words.

I hate to start this day off on such a low note. Please know my thoughts are with all of you but I probably won't post much on here for a while. I will try to use my phone to post quick updates on facebook.

Katie I hope you get your group meeting place set. You have so much on your plate that you shouldn't have to beg for a room to help people

Well take care all and Bruce please let us know if you hear about Marisa. I will email her too. It has been a while..

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 36 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 50. We're expecting some scattered rain and snow in the next couple of hours, but it's supposed to clear up after that.

Lily, so sorry you're going through this right now.

Katie, sorry the hospital is doing this. I'd head up a group here in Crowley, but as far out as this is, I'd probably be the only one there every time.

MI Judy, thanks for telling us about sun dogs. I have never heard of such a thing. That's pretty cool. The things you can learn here!

Great photos, Ann! That looked like a great birthday party.

Yes, Eric, the secret Saturday was my bait. I was using a 1/12 oz tube jig. That's an oddball size (and one that I created, because I always thought it would be a good bait), halfway between the common 1/16 oz and 1/8 oz jigs. It was just the right size to use a very slow retrieve, yet keep the jig 10 feet deep while it was moving. That combination of speed and depth was the only thing that worked Saturday, a reminder of how finicky crappie can be, and what a fine line it sometimes is between catching a great stringer of fish or catching nothing.

Have a great day, all!

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I did not step out of my house today - In fact I slept in and just took another dose of Nyquil and will be back in bed before you know it. Silly me went to work yesterday - and by the time I got home I was pretty sure having this cold / flu whatever it is was worse than having my lung removed! Today I still feel horrible but I'm thinking if my headache goes away I may live.

I know it is cold out there - it just has the feeling of cold but I intend to snuggle down and watch a few videos. I will go into work tomorrow - don't want to waste too many days of sick leave being sick.

Lilly - I'm so sorry to hear about your sister-in-law - I hope your travel is good and your days with her are comforting. I agree it has been some time since we heard about Marissa.

I enjoyed the fishing story Bud - I think it is great that everyone came to your spot and you still beat them out - I will have to share that with my secretary as she is an avid fisher..person..woman.

I will check back and see who comes on later - hope everyone is having a good Tuesday - I am trying to keep my cold from going through the computer lines (virus) - lol - who said that the other day....


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Good morning, everyone. I am so glad that Monday has finally passed. Yesterday was just a terrible day all the way around and I'm was glad to wake up to Tuesday. I think I'm entering one of those cycles at my house where everything breaks and usually has to be replaced. First, it was my dryer....replaced...check!!! Now, it's my oven. We thought it would be as simple as replacing the element but...of course not...that would be way too easy. So, I'm just waiting to see what's next to break, as these things seem to happen in 3's.

Lillian, I know how hard today and the upcoming days will be for you. Take a deep breath and try to remember this is today....not 8 years ago. I will be keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Bud...we're supposed to get those showers later today, after they leave you. The worst of it is supposed to hit here between 6-8 this evening and continue throughout the night. We awoke this morning to the weather stations talking about tornado warnings and asking us all to check the batteries in our weather radios. We are supposed to get winds up to 50 mph from this. It's supposed to be very warm here today (near 80) and the cold air coming in doesn't mix well with those warm temps.

Annette...there's nothing quite like a good dose of Nyquil and a warm blankie when you're fighting with a bad cold. Just rest up and don't push yourself too hard. I know how it is to miss work and I'm always thinking more of work that I do of my health. But...neither bills or inpatient bosses wait for us to feel better, so we drag on!!!

Hope everyone has a nice, peaceful day!!!

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Good morning everyone,

We are having a heat wave, it is 34 degrees here. We got to 16 yesterday which is extremely cold for this area.

Lily, I am so sorry about your sister-in-law. I hope she is pain free and peaceful.

Bud, I get cold and tired just hearing about your 'commute'.

I had my first volunteer at hospice last night. I was really shadowing a well seasoned volunteer to get to know the ropes. Was afraid it would be very difficult, but while not easy, it was very calm. One dear woman (89 yo) who has been there since before Christmas has rallied and they are trying to find a nursing home for her. Sad, sad is a 38 yo with metatastic breast cancer. She has been here 53 days, she is unbelievable in her will to live. I am glad I am doing this. It is only one night a week.

In work today. My last week has been so busy, work is like having a rest, not quite, but almost.

Eric, my Scottish friend is from Lockerbie, quite a distance from you. She still has family there and goes back about 3 or 4 times a year.

Well, I guess I should do some work.

Please all stay warm and Annette get better.

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Lilly - As I said of FB - so sorry for your loss - travel safely.

Katie - just another affirmation of what we knew already - you are most definitely wanted and needed!!!

Maybe the exercise group (EVTBT - Exercising Vicariously Through Bud Team) can do a little cheer for you - ... Give us a K....

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Good Evening All,

First,LilyJohn please accept my deepest sympathy for the loss of your sister-in-law,hoping she is now in the company of Harold.

Well its another mild day to-day,8deg C,dont really know what that is in your money though,bet its slightly warmer than Bruce?.Its Robert Burns Birthday today,I hoped to organise another on line party,but been so busy recently,you know I never even had a Burns Supper Night out this year,I really have fallen behind in the social merry-go-round this year,got to pull my socks up.I feel really sorry for all the American Buddies(and Bruce to) here who have never experienced an authentic Burns night out,must try to organise one in America in July,yes July the forth looks good,dont suppose you are doing anything special that day,I could come wearing my kilt,dont play the bagpipes though,anyone get me a piper?now who was here that sent in the pic of one?.All we need now is the haggis,tatties and neeps,och and a wee drop o' the amber nectar.Speakers,we need speakers,a girl for the address from the lasses,and a male for the address to the lasses,I could do Tam O' Shanter or Holy Willies Prayer,both are supremely funny.Singers dont want to hog the limelight the whole night,but I can do one or two,provided its kinda early on in the proceedings,before Whyte and MacKays interfers with the words in the memory department,aye as they say in Scotland itll be a rare night.

Hi Bud thanks for sharing your little secret with us,think I may drop in on your neck of the woods and fish you out.LOL.

Aw poor Annette,laid low with some kind of a cold/flu bug,sounds like a really nasty one too,rest up,enjoy a wee break from work and get Keith running after you.

Hi Ginny,You know planning my USA trip and considering the size of the place,Locherbie is in my back yard,approx 90mins driving from Airdrie,been through the town manys a time,be nice to meet your friend to exchange some blethers.

Gosh is that me? hope I have given a mention to all?no JudyMI,oh my brain has gone again what have you been up to recently,must remember to take notes,sorry Judy,please forgive.

Have a good day everybody,bye.

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Hi All,

What a day today. Couldn't get internet at church/work, and got distracted all day. Doctors were calling me too! My PCP is calling relentlessly, and we keep missing each other. I have no idea why, have had no tests, blood work or anything to raise an alarm. Then the scheduling dept. called to enroll me for my CT. I tell them I want to reschedule, as they have me at 8:00AM, and I am not OUT of my house at 8:00AM rarely. I'm a night person, and not changing that now! So it's now 2/2 at 3:30PM. Much better.

Then my Onc. called, and the new one I am scheduled with is moving to a hospital that does not take my insurance. They wanted to know if I'd be upset if they changed me to another Onc., and I'm like, sure, I didn't know him anyway. Just give me a good one! LOL!

Headache is better today, so I think I'm not going to get anything bad Annette. Oh goodness, if you don't start to get better, please go to your doctor. Get better soon, I demand it Annette! *wink*

Katie, well that is just plain affirmation for you. Good news.

Lily so sorry for this. Praying for safe travels, and peace and healing for all.

Eric, I always look back to the previous days posting to make sure I got caught up on all the news. I'm such a nosy girl. If you scrolled back you would have learned about the Sun Dogs that Bud never heard of. It's an amazing phenonema.

Ginny how awesome that you will be volunteering for hospice. They are such an amazing organization! I hope it's very rewarding for you.

Ann, bummer about the appliances. It does seem to go that way doesn't it? Our previous home was older, and it seemed like a lot of things like water heater, dryer, stove, all went at the same time! Bummer.

Well, I'm completely grossed out by my hunting dog Gibson. And my husband is not home to deal with it! He took him hunting to S. Dakota, and (can't remember if I told you this), the dog got into a bad fight with a critter. He came howling back to Randy with a torn up ear, cuts on his face, and this large lump thing formed on his chin. Think I did tell you about that. Anyway it's an abscess. And Randy has had to open it twice a day, drain it, fill it with hydrogen peroxide two or three times to flush it out, and he's been on anti-biotics for 3 weeks now with a couple more ahead of him (which are expensive!!!). Anyway, I came home tonight and the abscess burst! It is disgusting. Revolting. And I just don't do good with dog ickiness stuff. Seriously. I just called Randy and he is having a beer with his partners, and I'm like "you need to come home and deal with this!". He told me to stay calm, and just take a paper towell and squeeze the abscess and the ick will come out. I'm serious. I reminded him that I don't do dog ick, and that his hunting dog was his deal, and when he got into fights with other animals it was his deal, and it's still his deal. :roll:

He assured me that the dog is fine and that he'd be home shortly to deal with it. The dog has licked up the mess, so I'm just not going to look at him until Hubs gets home. Am I just awful or what?

Anyway, got to go and get the pork chops going for dinner tonight.

MI Judy

Oh temps today????????????? Balmy 30! But very grey and dank. Prefer any temp, and sunshine over this. But every day is a treasure, so no worries.

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Swam today, ran into an acquaintance in a very cool store and exchanged more words with her than looks at the merchandise. Home to couch.

Eric - ran into this link for you on long distance train riding on Amtrak:


Ladies - if you haven't read her blog, you may find many fine words and stories. A few guys might like it as well, but it is pretty touchy feelie in a OCD sort of way.

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