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Hi there,

So as many of you know, I had my CT scan and Mammogram done on Wednesday. I try to not worry about these things. But you do anyways don't we?

So I'm all set, have my blood work appointment, my Onc. appointment, my PCP sent over the paperwork for the blood work they want done when I go in for the Onc. ordered blood work. My appointment for my physical is all set for March.

So why, two days after my scans does my doctor call me, and not leave a message???? I was up and in the shower when the phone rang, and I heard it but obviously couldn't answer it. When I looked at the caller ID, it was my doctor's office.

I know....I know....if it was something, they would have asked me to call them back right? They've never called me before without leaving a message.

Because you all understand, I just needed to type this out and face the silly fears. Of course my mind is thinking they found "something" and maybe didn't want to tell me on a Friday so it wouldn't wreck my weekend?????

Oh how silly is that? But I do get nervous with the Mammogram test. I have breast cancer on both sides of the family, and my Mom had it. I've already had to have biopsies, that so far have been benign, but still................



MI Judy

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Oh Judy, how awful is that. I remember once years ago a dr office called on a Friday and left my daughter a message about a pap test . The message left us hanging and she was young and so upset. I called the dr's answering service and raised cain until someone called back.

I'm so sorry but if you can't take it anymore, call the dr's answering service and tell them so. It's just wrong!

Judy in KW

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Judy, I got nervous for you just reading this. But I agree, the dr. has to know we all have caller ID and if it was something so important they called on the second day, they would have left a 'please call back' message. The call could have been for any number of reasons, but we ALWAYS expect the worse.

If I were you, I would call tonight and tomorrow and leave messages asking why they had called. Sometimes I think drs. leave their emotional brains at the door on the way out of med school.

A glass of wine? A Zanaz? Let us know, we are all here with everything crossed.

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Ok - I'm taking over the worrying - but I'll give you something in return. They had a new person calling to remind you of your appointment on the 18th - they didn't leave a message because I don't think they are supposed to anymore (HIPPA). It is just a reminder of your you are fine appointment - nothing to worry about.

(But yes I totally understand freaking out - and worrying!)

So I guess I better add a virtual hug just to make things a little better.


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If I were you, I would call tonight and tomorrow and leave messages asking why they had called. Sometimes I think drs. leave their emotional brains at the door on the way out of med school.

I so agree, and sometimes the staff isn't much better. I also think that some staff person called your number by mistake and just hung up - not thinking of course how you'd feel at the other end. Personally I think we are all dealing with enough, and don't need to deal with this kind of stuff too.

Thinking of you.


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Judy it is so normal to worry. I would be too. If they needed to talk to you they would have called back already. Could have been they dialed the wrong number. Or wanted to remind you of an appointment and will do so next week.

Hugs and positive thoughts.


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Well, I now know the mystery. I upgraded my phone software, and in the upgrade, it made my voice mail reset. Darn it. And the reset made me make a new password, and I tried to do that and it didn't work. I finally called the carrier of my phone, and they explained that the latest update created this problem.

She helped me reset everything, and I found I had 8 voice messages that people left for me!

So....the doctor's office did leave me a message saying that I need to call them as soon as possible. * sigh*

Knowing that all is scheduled as they want, tells me that it's likely they found something on the CT scan or the Mammogram. All I can say is darn it. But at the same time, I want to be grateful that I have insurance for two more months, and we can face whatever it is in that time frame.

Huge sigh again. Am I ready to face another complication? I guess I will have to be. They would not have called me unless "something" showed up on the scans. All i can do at this point is pray that whatever it is I can handle.

If you pray, please do so. Thinking about facing another bout of cancer when our health care is ending is a big deal. I hate the idea that the cancer is back, and what it means for me. My initial chemo experience was something so horrible, that I'm not sure I can handle more.

Another *sigh*

I don't know what else to say at this point. I will call the doctor on Monday and hope and pray that they don't tell me that the results of the scans were abnormal.

Another * sigh*

Judy in MI

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You are a more patient woman than I. I'd be on that phone every hour until the doctor's office's answering service had someone call me. People just should not sit with ambiguous situations when cancer is in the picture no matter how inocuous the intent of the message might be (like change an appointment time, reschedule a redo of mamo which is quite common).

Feeling angry and frustrated and scared for you.

Judy in KW

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