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Morning All! I just wake up feeling funkier every day. We went to town with our friends and walked about two miles to a restaurant where my friend wanted to go. There would have been so many easier ways to do it if I'd know her intention sooner. I'm so low on energy and just not getting it back. My PCP lowered my bp med saying I might have more energy. I may have to lower it again. At the end of the day when I was supposed to take one, my bp was 114/64. I didn't take it and it was still around there this morning. Certainly within the normal range but then I take a pill and who knows where it will go.

I have a tedious job this morning changing Stan's payroll for 2011 so we don't have to pay the IRS next year. I printed the accountant's email and it look COMPLICATED when I'm already having trouble focusing. Then I have to figure out how to change the auto-deduction with the bank. I have good friends there and a phone call will probably do it.

Somebody come in an say something funny.

Judy in KW

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Good morning!

Judy, I wish it would be me to say something funny, but there's no funny in my day today. I still feel like crappola. I know I've improved since yesterday, but that is not saying much.

Randy found Alaskan King Crab on sale for our Valentines dinner, and with how sick I am, I didn't enjoy it. Tummy is upset, and that rich seafood with butter didn't set well.

Got up this morning to go to a meeting and after showering and getting ready (all the time groaning at how bad I feel), the meeting got cancelled. I'd go back to bed, but I need to meet with Randy's dietician to learn what foods a diabetic should or should not eat.

Randy just called, and his first comment was "wow, you sound like S**t!" Yep.

Judy, when I saw my Doctor yesterday, I asked if he could evaluate all the meds I'm on and see if there are any I could go off. First one we are trying is my BP med. I see him in March, and am hoping the BP is fine. I take 12 different perscriptions currently, and I want to evaluate which ones are really necessary.

Anyway, have a good day everyone.

Judy in MI

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 59 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 75. It's hard to believe that I'll be riding home in short sleeves and shorts on a 75 degree afternoon, when it was 18 degrees for my ride to work last Friday morning.

I hope both Judy's and Eric feel better soon. MI Judy, your card story reminded me of the time on our anniversary when Rose and I got each other the same card. Stores with giant card selections everywhere and we picked out the same card! Are we talking like minds or what?

Glad the court outcome was good, Annette. Maybe your nephew is turning the corner.

Time to get back to work. Have a great day, all!

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Judy in MI, my parents are both adult-onset diabetics. My mother was diagnosed a few years before my dad, and when she followed the diet religiously, she lost a lot of weight. I believe she dropped to a size 4, from a 12. Of course, being a food nazi is exhausting, and when dad was diagnosed and would not follow the diet, she started sliding on hers. He now takes insulin twice a day, but she's still on oral medication.

My doctor boiled down the diabetic diet as being portion control (very controlled) and taking "white" out of your diet - no salt, sugar, flour, rice, potatoes...

Beautiful day in the neighborhood, the sun is smiling down on us. I think I'm going to light a fire under my kid and see if I can get some of the Valentine candy at half price at the local Wally World or Target... :lol: Diet? No need to diet, half price is half the calories, right? Oh, and with Bud riding off those half calories, I should feel the fat just melting right off...

Wow, KW Judy, you really should have asked for a piggy-back ride from your friend dragging you on the forced march for lunch...

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1/2 the calories - love it - I may have to run to Wal-Mart myself I didn't realize. But I really want the Easter candy - my favorite are the malted milk robins eggs - the best holiday candy ever. So I hope Bud gets to ride a lot of miles over the next month or so!!! Let's see - he did over 100 last week - so does that mean since I have been behaving I can already have 100 robins eggs. This diet thing is great.

I may have to break down and try to start walking a little - yesterday was a real test of my breathing powers trying to get my mom from the car to the court house. (You'd think she was the one with 2 lobes missing LOL). But asthma and emphysema and steroids over many years have messed her up. That's why I have refused to use any form of inhaler - wheeze or no wheeze. Judy - my problem is not that walking bothers me it's that everyone "runs" I am short and when I even try and keep up with anyone I get winded fast because I practically have to run. My suggestion is walk slow - just a stroll - take it easy - they will figure it out and adjust because we are the best company in the world and they want to be with us!

It's a beautiful day here too - and here I sit in the back office - just might have to take a little walk and get away from this desk for a bit.

I will be glad when everyone gets over this crud. I am beginning to think that we have virtually spread the bug among ourselves. I want to know who started it and I don't want it back! (Feel better Judy (MI and KW)!

I think that someone somewhere had slowed the clock down - I swear I have been at work over 9 hours - it feels like 20 anyway - I am coming in early to make up the 5 hours I took off Monday.

Does anyone else have Monday as a holiday? I am so so looking forward to a long relaxing weekend - unless I take some work home with me - which I might. No rest for the wicked - weary - what is that saying.


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Good Evening All,

Got showered and dressed this morning,its early going to drop Sally off at her work,then pick up Jennifer in Glasgow.I really feel dreadful,body sore particularly lower back,still coughing and bunged up nose had another Lemsip,finally decide not to go in to work,phoned Jennifer to make her own way in,ask Sally to phone for a Taxi and get herself to work,then phoned my colleague Bill to pass on to HR I wont be in today.Back to bed fell asleep,phone rings in the distance,voice message "Sally,this is Ann,where are you?",I go downstairs its 9.15am,Sally asleep in the chair,gives me dogs abuse for even daring to ask if she has been drinking,no she said I just fell back to sleep in the chair.She phones Ann,in her best voice,apologises and she will be down in ten minutes,oh boy,well I go back to bed,I hear her taxi,and shes gone.

I stirred from sleep,feeling rough,downstairs for another Lemsip,its 1.30pm on the clock -oh no- Sally's home sitting in the armchair,she has been sent home by her manager for being intoxicated.She tells me its OK she can return to-morrow.Thats just over a week she managed,it never rains...

Slept most of the day off and on,read a few minutes then back to sleep,this is some cold,not had one of these for years,hopfully I will feel better in the morning and get back to work.

Hope everyone else is getting over their colds and flus,see you to-morrow.

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Well, let's see, we started the day with yummy homemade granola and yogurt too.

Then, drove up to the Internet/cable/phone provider - it took the guy a good 45 min. to find us the best deal - you'd think after doing that job 40 hours a week, he'd know it when you walk in the door? They make you feel like they are working magic to get you a special deal. We could have guessed it ourselves before we stood there and listened - after driving a half hour to get to their customer service office.

After than, stopped at the Y for exercise - swam my 1/2 mile while M trod on the treadmill and listened to a guy grunt while fighting with his girlfriend.

Home to leftovers, hail, and a cat playing ferociously with a paper bag. The type with corded handles - so he sticks his head or paws in the loops, and drags or pushes the bag around the room, jumps on the bag to make loud crushing sounds, hides in the bag looking out for prey...all pretty amusing unless you are trying to take a nap in the same room. I threw a handful of catnip outside to quiet the cat down, but he is already back looking for trouble.

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Spent the morning doing housework. I can't believe how little it takes to make my back hurt. Trying to do some stretches and exercises everyday to make me stronger and hope against everything that I will lose some pounds and that will help my back.

Feeling a little better today emotionally but still have a ways to go. Very determined to spend more time with my family who are close. I go to Louisiana every year to see children and grand children but have not gone the little over two hundred miles to see the family I missed so much when I lived in Louisiana. Time just seems to fly by.

I had to run to the store for a few things. Can't help but wonder if the rain makes the bars loose so all of the nuts escape!! Parking lot at Foodmax was like a circus.

Not much planned for tomorrow so will try to be on here earlier. Have a great evening everyone.

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Judy (KW), Annette and Lillian, come meet me at Wal-Mart, we'll sit on a bench and creature watch. I'm tellin' ya, you never realize what lives in the woodwork until you hit Wally World...no walking required!

Annette, telling Judy about being short is preaching to the choir. I think she's about 4' 12" from some prior posts she's made. My shorts, her capris... :wink: (Yeah, as if I'm tall!)

Oops, look at that, it's Wednesday! Better stop typing, time's up!

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